Wow Window Cleaning Cleaning Company in Dallas, TX

If you're looking for a cheap, cut corners to offer a lower price, inexperienced, no guarantee, uninsured window or gutter cleaner - we are not the company you want. We just cannot do business that way! We care about your cleaning needs and refuse to cut corners in order to provide a cheaper price.


Money-Back Guarantee
If you're not completely satisfied with my serivce, I'll come back to re-clean at no charge. If you're still not happy, I'll refund your money. The bottom line is this: If you're not thrilled with my service, you don't pay!

Thorough, Professional Cleaning

I've been around long enough to know that if you are not satisfied with my service, you will never call me again nor recommend my service to your friends and family. That's why I take the time necessary to thoroughly clean and address all your areas of concern. I don't cut corners, I clean them!!

You Get an Exact Appointment

Not "I'll be there between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m." (As if your time isn't important) You'll get an appointment with a one-hour window. And if I'm going to be more than 5 minutes late, I'll call ahead to let you know. If you are leaving work to meet me, I can even give you a call when I am on my way to your home.

Cleaning Performed by the Owner, not an Apprentice or Subcontractor

I will personally clean your windows & gutters myself or with an assistant. I purposely accept a certain number of clients so that I can personally serve each and every one. Unlike other technicians, my continued success is directly based on the results I provide. I have years of training and experience in cleaning techniques & cleaning agents. This ensures that you will receive a superior cleaning and also benefits you because I have the knowledge and experience to be your carpet cleaning consultant.

Safe Cleaning Using Environmentally Responsible Products

"WOW!" Services makes every effort to use equipment and cleaning solutions that are safe for you, your family, pets and the environment. All of our cleaning solutions are safe and non-toxic. I refuse to use cheap products that are not safe just to save a buck!

Fully Insured & Bonded

I strongly suggest that you never allow a service provider from ANY type of industry to service your home without being fully insured and bonded. Unfortunately, sometimes mistakes happen, but you should not be left with the bill. A true professional company will never cut corners on insuring their services. I will gladly show proof of insurance prior to providing my services.

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  City Dallas, TX
  Phone Number (214) 536-4081
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