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Why Use a Maid Service?

Saves Time: Go out and ENJOY YOUR TIME! Hang out with your friends, family, or run errands while your house or apartment is getting taken care of for you.

Saves $$$$: Why buy cleaners that you personally will hardly use? Our San Angelo Maid Service brings its own chemicals and supplies.

Expertise: A HUGE benefit to using a maid service is our job is to clean, so we have the expertise to bring quality and time efficiency from years of training.

Relief: Don't you love it when you walk into a clean home WITHOUT having to put 3 hours of work into it? With a maid service, you get the results without having to put in the work.

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How We Clean a Kitchen!

How We Clean a Kitchen!

Cleaning the Kitchen is one of THE most important areas to focus on and clean when we are at your home or apartment. It is a high traffic area that needs to be routinely cleaned for aesthetic and health reasons. The First steps we do are to remove the trash and replace them with fresh new bags. We then get our mop bucket filled, mix with a floor cleaner solution, and put our fresh clean mop pads in to soak. After this, our maids will pre-clean the sink with bleach and a stainless steel cleaner.

Once these first initial steps are completed, then begins the dusting. We dust from high to low, covering all surfaces that are within reach. We dust using extended wands and by hand. After the kitchen has been dusted, we then move on to the stove top. The grates of the stove top are removed and put into the sink on top of rags. They are then sprayed with a degreaser, and then are hand washed with a sponge, rinse, and dried. The caps on top of the burners of the stove are all carefully removed, sprayed with a degreaser, dried, and then placed back into their original positions.

Next, we move onto the cabinets and baseboards, which are cleaned with a general cleaner and are cleaned from top to bottom, left to right, and rags are changed as they become soiled. Counter tops are next, and can be quite tricky. Our maids pay special attention to move items around so that ALL areas of the counters are cleaned. Our maids also use their fingers to feel for rough or dried areas that they normally cannot see. Sponges are used in these situations to loosen hardened areas. All items are placed back into their original places once they’ve been moved. Once the counter tops have been thoroughly cleaned, then the microwave is next.

The microwave can get very dirty, so the table top and inside are cleaned to remove any hardened food stains, with precaution to never spray cleaner inside the actual microwave, but instead spray on either a sponge or towel. If there are any chairs, they are completely wiped down with a general cleaner and will have dirt removed from the bottom of their legs. For all other appliances such as the refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, and outlets, these are all dusted and cleaned only on the outside.

Finally the sink and faucet heads are all cleaned. A final inspection is done before vacuuming and mopping commence. Vacuuming is then started which picks up all dust that has been knocked off during the cleaning process. Mopping then removes and hardened stains on the floor and disinfects the floor. Everything is removed and all items of the house that were moved are put back into their original place.

How We Clean a Bathroom!

Bathrooms are obviously one of the dirtiest places in the entire house, and it is extremely important to maintain. When we begin cleaning any bathroom area, depending on if it contains a bathtub and shower, the first thing we do is empty and replace any trash cans that are present. Then we remove any bathroom mats so that they can be washed later on. After this all removable items such as toothpaste, soap bottles, or other small items are either moved to the side or put onto the ground: this allows more efficient cleaning.

We then dust off any light fixtures and cabinets. Once dusting has completed, then we rinse with water and then spray or douse the toilet and bathtub from top to bottom with appropriate bathroom cleaners, and let it sit for about 15 minutes; these kill any bacteria, mildew, or fungi present, and also break up any stains present. We then move onto the mirror, which we spray with a general glass cleaner and hand wash with a microfiber towel so that all contaminants are removed and no streaks are left behind. Next come the counters and sink.

Counters and sinks are cleaned with a sponge and an appropriate cleaner depending on what the counters are made of; sinks also get a bit of degreaser on the faucet area. Careful attention is given to use hands to feel or rough areas the eyes normally wouldn’t catch. A towel is then used to dry the area. Then we move to the bathtub area, if one is present. Using a sponge to loosen, the tiles are cleaned via the pre sprayed soap scum cleaner. If there is a walk-in shower with glass, white vinegar is used to remove any soap scum present via a soft sponge so that no scratches are created. For the bathtub, a sponge is used again to knock off any mildew or soap scum. A final rinse is given to remove any cleaner and all debris.

Moving onto the toilet area, a paper towel is used to simply wipe down from top to bottom since the toilet was already pre-soaked. It’s important to throw away each paper towel if each is soaked. A toilet wand is then used to clean the inside of the toilet so as to remove any rings inside the bowl. All removed items are then cleaned and put back into their original positions or organized manner. The floors are then cleaned via first vacuuming and then mopping from back to front.

I was moving out a resident and they had trash and stuff everywhere but Angelo House Cleaning did an amazing job...

My house was extremely nasty and had filth everywhere but not anymore thanks...

Theres not very many people that I actually will allow to come in my home and clean let alone touch anything , but i love how professional , down to earth, and exuberant this company is. I would gladly recommend them to anyone.

We used House cleaning San Angelo for my great grandmothers apartment, she had stuff from one side of the house to the other. They helped is move her furniture around , sweep , they even danced a little and laughed thank y'all...

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Ive had a few different cleaning businesses come thru and clean for me but nobody like House Cleaning San Angelo these ladies do a wonderful job.

i was moving into my trailer and needed lots of cleaning because of the last redidemts and House cleaning of san angelo did exactly what i needed.

How come I've never heard of them before .... I needed them way sooner .... They did an excellent job at cleaning up everything and taking it off.