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Therefore, we are offering same day carpet cleaning service to our customers that are in a last minute need. In addition, we always stay tuned to the best and safest carpet cleaning products that would give you the desired results, while keeping a safe environment.

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Products & Services

Carpet Cleaning

Many people consider washing and drying carpets as carpet cleaning but these are not the only two things for real carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a thorough procedure. Usually people do not adopt this procedure because they do not have any professional knowledge about the nature of carpets. Many people in Tustin try to clean their carpets by themselves, they definitely do good but eventually do not satisfy with the results. This is because they do not have complete knowledge about different methods of carpet cleaning. To counter this issue, we provide complete package for carpet cleaning to the people of Tustin. This package includes following necessary steps

Vacuuming and spraying before washing
Sanitizing and deodorizing to remove germs and bad odor from carpets
Washing and rinsing
Application of stains and spots removal products
Quick drying

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service is not a simple procedure. It is complete professional upholstery cleaning method. To achieve the best outputs out of it we have best and expert professional crew along with state of the art quality equipment.

Air Duct Cleaning

In any worst case we guarantee best quality air duct cleaning. The reason is that our professionals are trained to work against any type of duct situation. We handle powerful and automatic equipment to clean the air duct’s each opening and each corner. Moreover, we do not stop until the we do not satisfy about the condition of th cleanliness. The instrumental system we use the most powerful and efficient system available in the market. It always perform up to the mark. That is why our professionals are able to clean any type of cooling or heating air duct systems.

100% satisfactory result in a nominal charge. Not only cleaned the stains of the mattress but also removed the bad odor from it. The best part is they used quick technique and dried the mattress after cleaning it with the liquid solution.

After investing 3-4 hours on searching, I finally found this awesome carpet cleaning company. I needed a team that could clean our carpets with 100% care to avoid damage or color loss, and these guys are what I exactly wanted. They were able to provide thorough shampooing in very less time than the previous team I hired from a renowned company. Impressive at all.

Called at 9am. They came out at 12. Excellent service. Carpets looked new again. David had attention to detail and a great attitude. Will recommend this company to everyone.

Showed up on time worked fast and got my rug clean. I would recommend Dr. Carpet.

This is the best carpet cleaning i have ever got in my condo. I called a day before and they accommodated me in short notice. Came on time and provided excellent service.

Customer Testimonials

We called Dr. Carpet for carpet cleaning in our condo for two rooms and stairs. We have a big dog that gets the carpet very dirty every couple of months. However, last carpet cleaning service that came over left the carpet wet and it smelled very bad, so I decided to go with a new service. Richard did an amazing job and the carpet smells great.

These guys are amazing! They took all the stains out. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of the whole room, it was full with dark stains I was not sure that could be removed since we had another company coming in and they could not take those stubborn stains out. Customer service was great. They got here on time and were very friendly kind and professional. Prices are very good as well. I will highly recommend them to everyone.

Thanks Rich at Dr. Carpet I really appreciate your services, especially with two toddlers in the house, I’m thankful for Rich’s expertise with stains. The carpet looks news again! I’ll definitely set a new appointment when the time comes, in the next 5-6 months. Thanks for ALL your HELP!!

After this exceptional cleaning of my carpeted stairs and the high traffic area of my work room I no longer feel that I need to replace the carpets. They look almost brand new. Dr. Carpet did a super job, was professional and extremely careful moving my things around in the work room. I highly recommend them.

We are regular customers with Dr. Carpet. Today we had David with the Tustin carpet cleaning team and he as well did a professional jobs and was very polite.