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Our goal is to clean your house or business to its previous clean state. It is important that no one attempt to clean up a crime scene that has not been professionally trained. Not only can the event be traumatic for friends and family but it can also be dangerous as well. In the wake of a traumatic event such as a homicide or suicide, you need a qualified Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Company.

Crime scenes can be littered with biohazards such as HIV/AIDS, MRSA, CDiff, or hidden biohazards. Advanced Bio-Treatment has unique disinfecting agents and equipment that can deal with any crime scene and the dangers that might present. Our crime scene cleanup technicians are trained to handle the cleanup of blood, body tissues, and bodily fluids. ABT is thoroughly versed in all state and federal guidelines including OSHA regulations and API work safe guidelines.

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  City Lutherville Timonium, MD
  Phone Number (800) 295-1684
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Advanced Bio Treatment provides unsurpassed biohazard cleanup services in Maryland, performed by the most professional, compassionate crime scene cleaning team in the nation. We proudly offer our biohazard and blood clean-up services throughout the eastern United States and Texas. Our regional office locations are strategically located throughout our service areas to provide a fast response time from our local teams of cleanup technicians. Here at ABT, we understand our clients are under a great deal of stress when they are in need of our services—the sooner our technicians can respond and arrive on the scene the better! Our certified technicians are equipped with the finest equipment, enabling them to provide the most comprehensive crime scene cleanup in Lutherville-Timonium. As a member in good standing, we pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate last-minute needs and provide excellent customer service.


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