Introducing GreenWay Carpet Cleaning as one of the newest headliners in Las Vegas and its founder and owner, Charlie King.

In 2003, Idaho Entrepreneur and owner of Greenway Carpet Cleaning, Charlie King, began developing his craft from the ground up with increased successes each and every year.

"I wanted to have the most honest, above-board operation ever and build my primary reputation on that goal. "

Not to be limited by pre-manufactured cleaning products, Charlie researched and tested 100% non-toxic, all natural ingredients used in cleaning. He further developed many items used daily whose power cannot be topped. His processes can totally annihilate pet stains and odors plaguing valuable property, saving you expensive repairs or replacements. Charlie also assisted in the design and specification of the custom truck-mounted equipment in order to deliver the most powerful clean available. Other quality specialty services provided are upholstery and tile/grout care.

Charlie’s success is evidenced clearly by his clients' postings and reviews on both Google and Yelp. Everyone is encouraged to jump into either to read and hear what they say. Client video recommendations can also be found at on our website. They are fun to see!

Thank you for helping us get on with a booming grand start in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada - the diamond of the West. Let's partner the all-natural way to clean!

GreenWay would love to share their expertise with you on your clean, natural comfort and investment journey. Please contact us anytime website or phone with your questions, ideas or interests.

My best and friendly regards,

Charlie King

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning
Las Vegas NV
https://ACarpetCleaningLasVegas. com

Published on

Apr 22, 2017

Business Details

We are a local carpet cleaning company located in the great Las Vegas NV, called GreenWay Carpet Cleaning. Unrivaled customer service and performance with a smile. We love our customers and our great city. The owner, Charlie King is so involved with day to day business he is the one you talk to on the phone. Thanks for staying local and choosing GreenWay, we clean tile and grout, upholstery, carpets,

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