So there she sat, crying her eyes out. Her Fairy Godmother had wrangled an invitation for her to go to Prince Charming’s big bash, which was like the event of the year. “But, ” Cinderella said sniffling and all teared up, “I can’t go because my ugly stepsisters are making me clean the castle! ” The Fairy Godmother shook her head. “Can’t help you there, toots, ” she said. “I’m just into everyday miracles, not that heavy stuff. ” This made Cinderella cry even harder. “Woe is me! ” she wailed.

The plot thickens!

Poor Cinderella looked around. There were 37 bedroom, 38 baths, and a whole bunch of other rooms to clean, plus the big yucky dungeon down below. How would she ever get it done! Then a thought struck her. Since she lived in the McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and Allen area, she grabbed the phone and called Jericho Cleaning Service. “Hello, ” she said tentatively, “does your cleaning service clean castles? ” After a slight pause on the other end, came a pleasant voice. “You bet your bippy we do, sweetie. In fact, we’re the best maid and cleaning service in the whole realm. You know a guy named Dracula over in Plano? We just cleaned his castle yesterday. ” Cinderella sighed in relief. “I’m saved! ” she shouted, and boy, was she ever!

On the scene in no time flat.

Cindy had just finished hanging up the phone when there was a knock on the door. “Hello! ” said a group of the nicest people Cinderella had ever seen, “we’re here to clean the castle, and guess what? It’s your lucky day, because we’re going to give you $25 off the Initial cleaning! ” Cinderella could hardly believe her ears. “Jericho Cleaning Service will do that! ” she said totally astonished. “You bet, honey, and we’ll even shampoo your carpets if you want, ” said the nice people in unison. “Well, let’s get to it! ” shouted Cindy, throwing caution to the winds and doing a little jig.

And so they did.

The busy bees from Jericho Cleaning Service spread through the castle. They wielded all sorts of wonderful, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly cleaning stuff and attacked dirt, grime, grunge and goop wherever they found it. “I’ve never seen anyone work harder, ” Cinderella said. They dusted, they polished, they vacuumed, and when they finished the castle was bright, shiny, and squeaky, squeaky clean. “Wow, ” said Cinderella, “you really are the best maid and cleaning service in like – ever! Do you guys do offices and commercial building, too? ” With a twinkle in their collective eyes, the nice people said, “Honey, we do it all! ”

And off Cinderella went the ball.

Since Jericho Cleaning Service had cleaned the castle from top to bottom even the ugly stepsisters agreed that Cinderella could go to the ball. “If you see a looker, save him for me, ” one of the sisters cackled. “Fat chance, ” said Cindy and off she went. At the ball she had a great time with Prince Charming, but fell in love with a hedge fund manager from Allen. They tied the knot that very evening and lived happily ever after. Thanks to the great folks of Jericho Cleaning Service!

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