Yes, friends, itís about as hot as it can possibly get. Even the cacti are wilting. Thereís not a breath of air stirring anywhere in the great state of Texas. Itís so hot the tar is melting on the roads. Itís so hot you probably are considering moving to Maine, or getting a snow-maker for your living room. Itís just wicked! So, isnít this a great time to get out the mop, the broom, the vacuum cleaner, the furniture polish, the floor cleaner stuff, and the toilet bowl scrubber? Wow, bet you canít wait to spend a few hours cleaning your home!
Or not.

Have no fear. Jericho Cleaning Service is here!

Lucky, lucky you. If you live in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, or Allen, all you have to do is pick up the phone and weíll be over and clean your house in a jiffy. We would do that because weíve earned the reputation as the best cleaning and maid service in the area. Nobody cleans more thoroughly. Dirt, grime, dust and grease tremble at the very mention of our name! Boy, are we ever good!

And we clean from top to bottom.

Why else would ďcleaningĒ be our middle name if we didnít mean it? Every Jericho Cleaning Service team member is thoroughly trained in the latest state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, and we use the best, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get the job done right. We pay attention to detail. No dust mote, smudge, or dirty surface escapes our eagle-eyed scrutiny! Our miraculous maids go where others fear to tread! Weíre so good at cleaning that we sometimes scare ourselves.

Itís not clean unless it Jericho clean!

There are cleaning services and there are cleaning services. What sets us apart is our attention to detail. Cleaning isnít just a job to our team members, itís a profession. We know this is your home, and weíll clean it as if it were ours. And if that means getting up on a ladder to whisk away some cobwebs, or moving a piece of furniture to clean under it, thatís what weíll do. We go the extra mile. We take a lot of pride in what we do, so you can take pride in your home when weíre through.

And thereís even more!

At Jericho Cleaning Service we not only do houses, we also do commercial and office buildings as well. As you can see, there are no flies on us! Nope, we eat, drink and dream about cleaning just about 24/7. If youíre looking for cleaning service that does it all, you should be looking at us!

Carpets, too.

You betcha! If your carpets are dull, dingy, spotted and generally grungy, weíll clean your carpets and bring back the color and luster that they had when they were brand new. Our special carpet cleaning formula is eco-approved and does a spectacular job of bring back life to old carpets.

Super, super, special deal!

Call us crazy but for a limited time weíre going to give you $25 off your first cleaning. Thatís $25! Whatís not to like about that? But this is a limited timed off, so you know what you have to do!

Give us a call before the phone melts.

Like we said, itís Texas, itís summer, and itís hot. So why not give us a call and set up an appointment. Hey, donít worry. Let us sweat the small stuff! Weíre really good at it!

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Aug 7, 2012

Business Details

Jericho Cleaning Service is a Christian family owned and operated business that offers the highest quality, professional home and commercial cleaning service available in the Collin County area. We offer: Daily,Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, One Time, and move-in/move-out cleaning. Jericho Cleaning Service guarantees consistent, professional quality work, excellent cleaning products, and honest friendly

  • Best cleaning service!

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