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While many families have packed calendars, getting the carpets cleaned before the kids go back to school is really a great idea. I donít know about you, but I have trouble fitting things into the schedule every summer, much less getting to those much needed cleaning projects. But, this is one thing I insist on.

One of my main reasons is that summertime can bring out those pet odors. Not to mention that the heat is just the kind of thing that bacteria likes- causing the smell to become unbearable, fast. The folks I use have even told me about how pet stains can get into the carpet, then the padding and right into the flooring if left for too long.

The next thing you know, you could be paying for someone to come out and repair the floor. That in itself is enough to make me want to look into carpet cleaning in Plano, TX. After all, the store bought cleaners work for a short time and then you are looking for it again because really it just masks the problem. Those problems can be taken care of with the odor neutralization.

Stains can also get worse with the heat because they can practically get baked into the carpet. So unless you were planning on decorating around that stain on the living room floor, you best get to it right away. Even just a few little stains can make the rug look filthy.

My biggest reason though is all of the extra dirt. It seems like it comes from everywhere. You would think there were dust storms in every corner of the room. When that extra dirt gets walked on it grinds into the carpet. Sometimes you donít realize how dingy it has gotten until you get it cleaned and see the huge difference it makes.

It might seem like it takes a long time for the carpets to dry properly and you donít want wait forever to let the kids go galloping through the house again. But really it makes more sense to do it in the hot summer months when everything is going to dry much faster. Also, you wonít be disturbing the kids later on when they should be doing their homework.

When you chose a company like Jericho Cleaning Services to do your carpet cleaning in Plano, TX, you have the assurance that they will care for both the health of your family and the appearance of your home. The process will be efficient and the carpet will dry quickly.

So seriously, do something to help your family get ready for the summer to be over and get your carpets cleaned this summer. Itís healthy for your family and pets. And it will feel good during the rush of school days to feel like one more thing is done and out of the way. Trust me, youíll wonder why you didnít do it sooner.

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Aug 2, 2012

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