My name is Joan Givens and I did all types of cleaning with my mom. Offices, homes etc. for 25 years I helped my mother clean houses and offices. I do not have a resume for cleaning but I am a dedicated and qualified employee.

My goal is to work as hard as I can to please my bosses as well as to have a good ideal from time to time.
Joan Givens
Experience 2012-present Administrative Office Of The Courts Trenton, NJ
Data Entry /Diversified Specialist

2008-2010 Dept. Of Environmental Protection Trenton, NJ
Senior Data Entry/Microfilm Machine Operator

Transferred data from Microfilm Machine onto computer. Helped clients operate microfilm machine, filing, answering telephones. Maintained copy and fax machine.
1993-2007 Division Of Law & Public Safety Trenton, NJ
Senior Data Entry Machine Operator – Maintained written logs of attorney time records and docket sheets, prepared by deputy attorney generals. Provides information and answer questions from the Deputy Attorney General regarding timekeeping unit procedures and error corrections and copies source documents and reports. Prints and reports of DAG’s errors and makes the corrective action required. Backup receptionist that received and directed visitors, answered telephones, took messages, accepts service hand delivery. Reviewed binders/case tracking information sheets and organized sheets in numerical order in information processing unit. Input data in Paradox application for maintenance of database containing closed and open DOL cases. Maintained binders in chronological and numerical order in addition to cases tracked on information sheets. Reviewed DYFS information sheets and Open Records/case tracking information sheets and organized appropriately.
1985-1993 Division Of Taxation (Revenue) Trenton, NJ
Intermittent Data Entry Worker – Input of tax forms, fiduciaries and checks for Internal Revenue Service
Education 1974-1976 Trenton Central High School Trenton, NJ

My interest is to do my job as pertaining to my skills and be the best I can at it.

Key Skills

All over the State of New Jersey

Educational Details

High School Diploma

Acceptable Locations

Trenton, NJ

Desired Salary


Total Experience

25 years

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Ms. Joan Givens

Phone Number


City & State

Trenton, New Jersey

Zip Code


Street Address

220 E. Hanover St. apt.1