Imagine an innovative cleaning process that requires neither water nor strong chemicals and leaves nothing but a clean dry carpet. Other cleaning methods only pull 70% of water back out after cleaning. Xtrax Dry Extraction serves Chattanooga and surrounding areas.

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  City Chattanooga, TN
  Zip Code 37405
  Address 1028 Signal Mntain Rd # 101
  Phone Number (423) 517-8100

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Kids, pets, and daily foot traffic all add up to carpet and area rugs that become dingy and dirty. Xtrax's waterless cleaning service, which has been used in 1000s of homes and businesses, is designed to quickly get you back to life and loving your carpet. At Xtrax Dry Carpet Cleaning, we know that you want to live and work in a clean, worry-free environment. The problem is that your carpet is constantly collecting dirt, dust, dust mites, allergens, mold spores, pet hair and dander - which can result in frustration, embarrassment and unhealthy carpets.

Do you know how dirty carpet can cause people to feel embarrassed or frustrated with the appearance of their home or office? Xtrax offers a revolutionary waterless carpet-cleaning service that removes frustration, revives carpet, and leaves it dry and ready to use. Xtrax is a locally-owned and operated company providing dry extraction carpet cleaning to residential and commercial spaces in the Chattanooga area. We're proud to have delivered the driest, healthiest and most convenient carpet cleaning experience to our clients throughout the region since 2004.

Xtrax waterless carpet cleaning is the Nashville carpet cleaning company you should choose. Why? To save time and avoid having to adjust your living space for days. Many of us are aware that carpets that are recently cleaned are usually wet. Not only that, but they can also take hours (or days) to dry, restoring access. For that reason, you'd be wise to consider waterless carpet cleaning. We've used our groundbreaking dry cleaning process to serve Nashville carpet cleaning customers. And more and more customers are showing that they prefer it.

Xtrax is your best local alternative to wet, messy carpets that can take hours (and even days) to dry. Our revolutionary waterless carpet cleaning process gets businesses back to work from Chattanooga to Nashville and surrounding areas. If you don't want to walk on wet carpets in the office, and need to retain flexibility, let Xtrax dry carpet cleaning be your solution. We're proud of our track record. Since 2004, we've given business owners all over the area the most effective, efficient carpet cleaning experience.