Window Wizard is a family run and run business located in Chapel Hill specializing in domestic and commercial cleaning services. We keep our operation simple, sustainable, and effective. Our team is tiny and close knit so our customers always interact with a representative of our firm who truly cares about their requirements.

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  City Chapel Hill, NC
  Zip Code 27514
  Phone Number (919) 928-8548

From Our Website

Thanks for visiting! By listening to our customers and beautifying what they leave in our charge we create the magic of good feelings. What is important to you is important to us. Our staff is comprised of salaried professionals on a livable wage who do this work as a career, not seasonal helpers or students on break. We aim to make your experience one that you would repeat and tell your neighbors about. Since 2006 we have provided guaranteed, professional, and caring service to the counties of Orange and Chatham, and parts of Wake and Durham.

A: Everything we do on painted surfaces is low pressure so there is no danger of stripping off paint. However, underlying issues with your paint job may be uncovered through the result of house washing. If the paint is decades old or the wood underneath it is rotting some of it may flake off. Some painted surfaces as well as vinyl siding with a lot of sun exposure may clean unevenly and be chalky looking or streaky. We will be able to recognize the potential for these cleaning results and inform our clients before they decide to go ahead with a house wash.

A: Each job will have individual variables that will determine the way we clean. Window size, type, and orientation, as well as the type of debris accumulated will determine how we approach your job. The specific goals and concerns of our customers will also affect the way the job is done. We may do your windows with hand tools ( window scrubbers, razors, squeegees and surgical rags), or Pure Water scrub and rinse brushes, or a combination of both. Our method is to cater our expertise and equipment to your specific needs.