Controlled heat is the purest, oldest, and most effective cleansing agent known to man. VaporStrike is a sturdy, commercial grade product that only uses heated molecules of pure vapor as its cleansing agent. Modern technology easily enables you to eliminate chemicals, effort, aches and pains from any cleaning regimen while achieving meticulous results.

Hospitals, Veterinarians, Motorcycle Dealers, Homes, and a variety of places in between use VaporStrike because it performs as represented in each environment.

Simply guide the implement over the surface to be cleaned and unleash the power of vapor to effortlessly do all the work. As soon as your finger pulls the safety trigger a continuous flow of hot vapor molecules is released so work is not interrupted with wasted downtime to add, heat, and pressurize water. You will enjoy pristine results without scrubbing or experiencing the aches and pains associated with traditional cleaning. On average it cleans 67% faster and more effectively than conventional cleaning products.

VaporStrike is a sturdy commercial grade product ergonomically designed and manufactured in Italy. This state of the art product is for discerning people who demand the ultimate in sanitizing and cleanliness without using products containing chemicals.

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  City Scottsdale, AZ
  Zip Code 85254
  Address 15802 N. 71st Street, #656
  Phone Number (561) 948-0112

Customer Testimonials

We specialize in restoring specialty and collector automobiles and that is very time consuming. Wheels and interiors are particularly labor and time intensive, and that increases my costs. VaporStrike replaced all of the various chemicals and products we used for leather, wood, carpets, etc., and does the complete job faster and more effectively. Productivity has increased because VaporStrike does most of the work so detailers don't experience the pains from repetitive scrubbing and polishing. Leather and carpets look and feel like new, and dry in minutes because the vapor is not wet. The product's sanitizing and deodorizing capability allows us to
remove odors from the interior and thoroughly deodorize the ventilation system. Clientele are delighted with the results their cars look great and are odor free.

My business is cleaning kitchens in Mexican restaurants. Many of the dishes are zapped in a microwave before being served and those ovens can be nasty to clean since so much cheese and beans are used. VaporStrike makes cleaning them much easier and faster, and we can clean when food is present since chemicals are not used.

The Stratford is a high-end assisted living facility and we understand the importance of a visitor's first impression. We use VaporStrike to keep the tile and grout in our reception area looking like they have just been professionally cleaned every day. The yellow mop bucket and caution sign
are gone, and there's no mess or drying time as with mopping. In the resident's area we are faced with cleanliness and odor issues associated with incontinence - and VaporStrike's unique ability to clean, sanitize, and deodorize at the same time is invaluable. The unit is easy to use and is far more effective than any chemical products we have tried.