The Two Maids & A Mop brand was born on April Fools’ Day 2003 along the panhandle of Northwest Florida. Back then, we were just like every other startup cleaning company but we enjoyed one, big difference maker that separated us from the crowded pack of other cleaning companies. We had a plan to scale our business across the country by delivering a unique experience that was so powerful that consumers would be motivated to talk about us.

It was a crazy dream because we only cleaned five homes during our first week of operations. Luckily, our brand defied all odds to skyrocket from a small cleaning business into one of the nation’s most recognized brand within the cleaning industry. In 2013, Inc. Magazine recognized our amazing success and named our company the fastest growing cleaning company in the entire nation!

Contact Details

  Person Two Maids & A Mop
  City Suwanee, GA
  Zip Code 30024
  Address 530 Highland Station Dr., Ste 1001
  Phone Number (678) 546-1199

Products & Services

We focus on one specific type of cleaning; residential house cleaning. This may seem odd because many people believe that cleaning is cleaning; no matter if you’re cleaning a business, home or even a boat. But we prefer to concentrate on residential cleaning because the level of quality for a housecleaning is much more stringent than any other type of facility. In addition, our pay-for-performance compensation plan is specifically designed to measure the satisfaction of a homeowner.

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The most appealing benefit of opening a business within a franchise system is the ability to utilize proven systems that have historically made money. Trademarks, systems and market advantages are the most common reasons for opening a franchised business. The process of opening a franchise can take years or maybe just a few weeks to complete. The first step is selecting a desirable industry and business model. Once you have identified a marketplace, then it's important to consider the geographical boundaries that work best for you.

Ron Holt founded the original Two Maids & A Mop inside a 250 square foot office space on April Fools' Day way back in 2003. In our first year of operations, we cleaned less than one hundred homes and only staffed a few part-time employees. It took the business eighteen months to make its first dollar in profits and took our founder more than two years to earn his first paycheck. It was a humbling start packed full of desperate moments that nearly forced the business to close its doors on multiple occasions.