Two Maids & A Mop started from humble beginnings in 2003. We opened on April Fools Day in a sprawling 250 square foot office in Pensacola, FL. Some little boys dream of being a fireman or a major league baseball player, but not our founder Ron Holt. He asked for books for Christmas and read about how to be an entrepreneur and idolized the best one Warren Buffet.

As a result, his parents weren't very surprised when he quit his day job inside a contract laboratory and emptied his savings account to purchase a housecleaning business. He successfully met his goal to revitalize the consumer service space and develop the most successful business within the residential cleaning industry.

Contact Details

  City Jacksonville , FL
  Zip Code 32217
  Address 6320 St. Augustine Rd., Ste 4B
  Phone Number (904) 739-9476

Products & Services


We are pleased to provide trustworthy, reputable, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies and products. Our professionally trained team of two maids undergo extensive criminal background checks to ensure your home's safety. We offer multiple cleaning packages that are designed to meet the demands of anyone that requires services on a regular basis or just one time.

Customer Testimonials

This cleaning service is the best! Highly recommend!

I signed up for the weekly cleanings, and can not believe how great of a job they do every single week!

The two maids that come every week are very pleasant, and do an amazing job. Honestly can’t say enough good things about this company and their employees. They are just great!

I have two kids under 3, and it’s just me. So my house can turn into disaster zones quickly, they come in and clean the craziest messes every week. They are the best!!!!!

Two Maids & A Mop Jacksonville cleans our house on the Ortega River on a regular basis. They are on time, professional and friendly. They also give back to the community by offering free house cleaning to women experiencing breast cancer. We highly recommend them to anyone in Duval and St. Johns County. Our house has never been so clean!!

Excellent. Went above and beyond what I expected. I have two dogs who shed like crazy and Catherine and Vanessa got it all! My master bath is spotless, my floors are cleaner than they were when I moved in, they even did the dishes! All the little places I don't even think about like windowsills, blinds, ceiling fan blades, inside the microwave, etc are immaculate. The two ladies were friendly and kept me apprised of everything as they went. It's a huge load off my shoulders to have a clean house and I couldn't be more pleased.

We are beyond thrilled with the service and help we receive from Two Maids and a Mop. We have had multiple cleaning services in multiple states and this is the best we have ever had. They do such an amazing job and are really friendly. They are very accommodating and pet-friendly, too! I would recommend Two Maids and a Mop to anyone in the Jacksonville area that is looking to use a cleaning service!