Two Maids & A Mop started from humble beginnings in 2003. We opened on April Fools Day in a sprawling 250 square foot office in Pensacola, FL. Some little boys dream of being a fireman or a major league baseball player, but not our founder – Ron Holt. He asked for books for Christmas and read about how to be an entrepreneur and idolized the best one – Warren Buffet.

As a result, his parents weren’t very surprised when he quit his day job inside a contract laboratory and emptied his savings account to purchase a housecleaning business. He successfully met his goal to revitalize the consumer service space and develop the most successful business within the residential cleaning industry.

Contact Details

  Person Two Maids & A Mop
  City Jacksonville , FL
  Zip Code 32217
  Address 6320 St. Augustine Rd., Ste 4B
  Phone Number (904) 739-9476