Two Maids & A Mop is the Triad's most popular, most customer friendly housecleaning company. In fact, our company was recently named the 57th fastest growing business in the country by The University of Georgia.

Of course, we haven't always been this popular or this busy!! It wasn't the easiest beginning when we first started way back on April Fools' Day in 2003. I had just emptied my entire savings account to purchase my dream of a lifetime - a house cleaning business!! Yes, I said dream of a lifetime! Some kids want to be a major league baseball player. Some want to make it big in Hollywood. But others simply want to become the next Warren Buffett. That's me - the nerdy kid obsessed with business. Of course, my mother thought I was crazy. And you know what.... she had every right to wonder because she knew someone had to pay back all of my college loans at some point. But I thought I knew it all and nobody could tell me that I didn't know it all. I was ready to take over the cleaning world!

So I signed the check and proceeded to sit back in my new, sprawling 200 square foot office waiting for all of the phone calls from eager customers. Unfortunately, the phone didn't ring until around 4:00 PM that day. And believe it or not - our very first phone call was from someone that owned a dirty, old & beaten down RV!! I seriously thought that my new company was the recipient of a very cruel joke. After all, it was the universal joke day!!

Unfortunately, it was the real deal - someone really wanted us to clean their RV from top to bottom. And of course, we did it and we did it with a big smile because we needed the money! Today, we don't clean too many RVs but we clean a whole bunch of homes all over the Triad. And best of all, we've managed to keep that same big smile inside all of the homes we've cleaned since that very slow and very scary April Fools' Day.

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  • American Express, Cash Only, Debit Cards, Discover, MasterCard, Money Orders, Personal Checks, VISA

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  City Greensboro, NC
  Zip Code 27410
  Address 7349 West Friendly Avenue, #F
  Phone Number (336) 852-0303

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Our company provides one-time services such as Deep Cleanings & General Cleanings. In addition, we provide regular service cleanings on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Customer Testimonials

Excellent. Their responsiveness on the phone and in person was excellent for the scheduling and estimate. This week was my first cleaning with them and I'm so excited to continue. They did an amazing job and I didn't run into any of the little annoyances like my previous housecleaning services. I love the feedback piece and that they take seriously the quality of their service. It's well worth the higher price of some others. You get the quality you pay for with Two Maids & A Mop.

Two Maids & A Mop have been servicing my residence for the past several months, I have been very pleased with the work. The cleaning crew is polite. They are great with my pets. I never hesitate to give feedback on my service. I receive a call the night before with confirmation of the estimated time of arrival, and an email after inquiring on my level of satisfaction. Just a really professional outfit!

My house looks and smells great, it's a pleasure to come into each time. They are punctual, come in and get right to work, is considerate of what ever I may be doing, careful with my belongings, and willing to take my suggestions on how I like things. They are good with the dogs, especially one who is quite old and does not always want to get up. They offer two levels of cleaning, and can alternate a general and premium cleaning every other week which keeps things up and saves some money at the same time. I like having the opportunity to 'rate' each time I receive service and that the provider is paid by the job they do, it really helps keep up the quality b/c they have a stake in doing a good job.

Like two cleaning tornadoes, these ladies whiz in, get right to work.... straightening, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping.... you name a cleaning task and they do it. They get so much more accomplished than I would in that time. Of course, they don't stop to answer the phone, grab a snack, look at a photo album they are dusting, check email, decide what to reorganize or have for supper, etc., etc., etc. You get the point. They CLEAN! That gives me time to do all of that other stuff without feeling guilty.

This was the third time they came to clean my home and again the service was excellent. They arrived on time, asked me if there was anything in particular I needed, or a particular room that needed attention and went to work. The place is not only clean to the eyes, but also has that "new clean smell" it hasn't had in a while! People with pets will understand that. The kitchen was first on the agenda, wiping counters, tables, cleaning the windows, then tackling the floor. The den was next, again dusting, wiping down surface tops, and cleaning the outer glass front door. They made the hardwood floors shine as if they were new again in the hall (and the rest of the house). The bathrooms were cleaned and sanitized, then finished up with the master bedroom, making the bed and again dusting. They were quick but very thorough and as always I was extremely pleased and look forward to their return visit!

April is a jewel. She truly cares about her clients and making the homeowner happy. She is sweet and pleasant to work with. She did an excellent job in our home and we are so happy to have found her service. I felt the pricing is reasonable for the quality of work you receive. They are flexible and offer a variety of cleaning packages. They recognize that one size does not fit all. I'm happy to recommend the service.

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I'm confident that you didn't search for a maid service in order to learn how our company pays its employees, right? I know learning about our compensation policy isn't that exciting but bear with me for a second & allow me to explain how our unique compensation plan actually provides our customers with a big-time benefit. But before I describe the plan, I think it's important for you to understand a little bit about the cleaning industry. Just give me three paragraphs & I'll explain everything you need to know about the house cleaning world.