Two Maids & A Mop™ is the most popular house cleaning company in Dallas. In fact, our company was recently named one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in America by Inc. Magazine.

Some little boys dream of being a fireman or a major league baseball player. Not our founder, Ron Holt. He was the one who read entrepreneurial books and idolized Warren Buffet. So his parents weren’t very surprised when he quit his day job inside a contract laboratory and emptied his savings account to purchase a housecleaning business. His goal was to revitalize the consumer service space and develop the most successful business within the residential cleaning industry.

The humble beginnings of Two Maids & A Mop started on April Fools Day in 2003 – Ron sat in a sprawling 250 square foot office in Pensacola, Florida waiting for his first phone call. Around 4:00 PM, the phone finally rang and he thought it was surely an April Fools joke because the caller wanted him to clean an old, dirty and beaten down RV. Ron leaped into action and headed out to clean his first job; even if it was a dirty RV!

Contact Details

  Person Two Maids & A Mop
  City Dallas, TX
  Zip Code 75235
  Address 1555 W. Mockingbird Lane
  Phone Number (214) 637-6237

From Our Website

We're proud to provide safe and reliable professional-grade cleaning supplies and products. Each of our teams of two maids has been professionally trained to deliver high quality house cleaning services. We offer multiple cleaning packages that are designed to meet the demands of any home owner. Whether you need your house cleaning services on a regular basis or just one time, we have a cleaning option that's right for you. A comprehensive description of each cleaning package is below. Our Design With Time Cleaning is ideal for the homeowner wanting a one-time clean or a spot clean.

After each cleaning, you'll have the opportunity to review the job on a scale from 1-10. Your rating - and your rating alone - will directly determine the compensation level for the two maids assigned to your home. We call this our Pay for Performance Plan! This plan is the primary reason that Inc. Magazine has recognized us as one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in America.