Truckee Meadows Window Cleaning. has been Reno's choice for window cleaning since 1986. It does not matter if your windows are on the 1st floor of your home or the fiftieth floor of your high-rise building, we're the window cleaning specialists that will guarantee your satisfaction.

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  City Sparks, NV
  Zip Code 89431
  Address 593 Overmyer Road
  Phone Number (775) 331-8589

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We are able to offer window cleaning service on all types of commercial properties ranging from store fronts to multi-story structures. Whatever type of property you manage or own and whatever the requirements, whether it's pole work, ladder work, or boom-lift, we can service it. No matter what type or size of job, SAFETY and QUALITY are always our primary focus. Our commercial window cleaning specialists are thoroughly trained in every aspect of window cleaning safety. Additionally, we follow ANSI/IWCA 1-14.1 safety standards for window cleaning.

You can expect to receive exceptional service from fully trained window cleaning specialists. Whether it's spring cleaning, getting ready for a special occasion, or regular window cleaning maintenance to enhance your home, our professional team will clean your windows with care and pride in workmanship. You will clearly see the difference of doing it yourself versus professional cleaning and without using harsh chemicals (ordinary glass cleaning). Our window cleaning product is biodegradable, USDA approved, and safe on all windows and window tinting films.

Hard water stains form on windows that are exposed to over-spray from lawn sprinkler systems. Mineral deposits in the water collect on the glass and appear as a hazy, white film. If left on the glass, this film will etch the glass over a period of time. Your windows can be safely restored by our window cleaning specialists using a chemical application, eliminating the risk of expensive window replacement. Our chemical application can rescue glass that has been stained and restore it to like-new condition.

Cleaning window screens should be done at least twice a year to keep them in good shape. The cleaning of window screens mounted on the outside of your home is especially important to keeping your window cleaner, longer.

Let us clean your entire exterior at the same time we clean your windows! We can restore, rejuvenate, and protect the value of your home or business. Save yourself thousands of dollars on a new paint job for your home or office! Let us power-wash the outside of your home and office annually to remove dirt that accumulates from blowing dirt and sandy wind, as well as removing those pesky spider webs, and we will make it look as good as new! Our technicians are trained and qualified to safely perform the job without causing any damage to stucco or other surfaces.