Triple A Maintenance supplies the quality cleaning services for all of our neighbors and friends in Barron, Rusk, Washburn and Sawyer Counties. A family owned firm serving the local area for nearly two decades. Your belongings deserve the finest care possible.

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  City Cameron, WI
  Zip Code 54822
  Address 203 South Second
  Phone Number (715) 458-4699

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There is a reason that so many insurance companies, agents, and adjusters ask to have Triple A handle their losses: we take care of the situation promptly and professionally. We are also very aware of the trauma and stress that comes during a difficult situation. That's why we are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have! When water damage does occur in your home or place of business, response time can be critical. When not handled properly a water damage situation can be made much worse.

Triple A Maintenance is a leading provider of facilities leaning with a long-standing service heritage. We have expert staff to handle every facet of your cleaning needs. Daily porter needs, nightly office cleaning, carpet care, floor stripping and refinishing, window washing, quarry tile care; whatever your needs are, we have a program that works. Our goal is not only to keep your facility looking great, but to also keep you and your staff healthy. How do we do this? By utilizing specially designed tools, products, and techniques.

Our cleaning process utilizes the UCS600-XT: The most Powerful Cleaning System In The World! Your furniture receives wear, tear, and soiling just like your carpets. Don't wait for them to 'ugly' out to the point of replacement. We can clean and protect your furnishings while we're in your home cleaning your carpets. Whether it's your great grandmother's antique chair, your husbands favorite leather recliner, or that heavily used sofa in your family room; trust your belongings to the experts! Leather furnishings require very specialized care and attention.

Ceramic floors are a wonderful addition to any home or business. They are attractive, durable, and last longer than most other types of floors. They are also inherently difficult to maintain! The 'peaks and valleys' accompanied with the porous nature of grout means that soils have a tendency to build up and discolor the floor over time. Removing these soils can be very difficult, if not impossible for the owner. Our Turbo Tile Cleaning System is the perfect answer! It utilizes high pressure, ultra-high temperature water to dislodge soil and dirt.

Our cleaning process utilizes the UCS600-XT: The most Powerful Cleaning System In The World! Many people don't realize just how much soil, dust, dirt, mold, dander, hair, debris, and even (ick) rodents can accumulate in a duct system. Our High Powered, Truckmounted Duct Cleaning Process uses extreme suction, brush agitation, air washing (that's high pressure air hoses with different rubber whips and sweeping nozzles on the end) and robotic cameras to completely and thoroughly clean your system.

Our cleaning process utilizes the UCS600-XT: The most Powerful Cleaning System In The World! Couple this with the use of pure soft water, the most advanced cleaning agents on the market, and our PowerDry System, and you have a deep, deep cleaning that dries in about an hour and leaves your carpets feeling baby soft and fresh. We don't mess around with wimpy shampoo systems, chunky sprinkle powder, or spinning towels (although we can utilize these other systems in specialty cases). We prefer to flush your carpets with large volumes of very hot water, rinsing out all of the dirt, oils, filth, and residue, and extracting over 98% of that water back out again.