Tim Aselton Softwashing has been working in the Tallahassee area since 1994 cleaning both commercial and domestic properties. TAS specializes in softwashing surfaces with many years knowledge and the latest equipment and technology. Whether you need a 5 story bank cleaned or a moderate domestic home, TAS has the experience to do it safely.

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  City Tallahassee, FL
  Zip Code 32317
  Address 11199 East Pony Trls
  Phone Number (850) 445-3306

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I have pressure washed hundreds of homes including my own over the years. I believe that pressure washing a homes exterior, if done properly, does a great job. However, the risk of damage does exist. My house washing techniques have changed towards a safer, simpler approach. By using a softwashing system, the risk of damage to your homes exterior is eliminated. All surfaces are treated with a mild solution to clean and disinfect, then rinsed with fresh water at normal garden hose pressure. This process leaves amazing results.

Have you ever wondered where those awful-looking stains on your roof came from and why they are so bad on certain sides? Those stains are actually a living plant form (Gloeocapsa magma). This algae is feeding on the limestone filler used to add weight to asphalt shingles. The reason it is more prominent on the north side and shaded areas of your roof is because these areas get the least amount of sunlight. Lack of sunlight means moisture from morning dew and rain remain on these areas longer, creating the perfect environment for maximum growth.