TIDY CLEAN has been delivering professional business cleaning since 1996. Our business currently employs many people in central Minnesota and serves many businesses across Minnesota. We serve a huge array of clients from very tiny businesses to huge multi level buildings, including such businesses as medical facilities, car dealerships, financial institutions, and legal services.

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  City Mankato, MN
  Zip Code 56001
  Phone Number (507) 344-1742

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Tidy Clean is a full service restoration and commercial cleaning company that can handle all types of cleaning and restoration needs for your home or business. Regardless if you are experiencing damage from a storm, broken pipes, dirty carpets or mold on your property, we have you covered. From small condo to multi-floor commercial structures, Tidy Clean can restore your property - good as new. Tidy Clean is an IICRC certified Firm (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration). You have a property to run, and you need to make sure the project is done correctly the first time.

Tidy Clean is a full service cleaning and restoration company. We have been fully operational for over 19 years and have helped thousands of clients restore and clean their properties. Founded in 1996, Tidy Clean has built its reputation in Mankato, MN and surrounding metro areas as one of the top restoration companies in the area. We are a part of the Green Buying Network which provides benefits to you. We are committed to using green cleaning products to help protect the environment and the occupants of your property.

You have just remodeled your kitchen and now have the home of your dreams. However, you also have a huge mess. Who would have thought there would be so much debris and dust? You obviously need a professional crew to come out and clean up the mess, but who can you call? How do you know that you are not just getting another cleaning company who truly does not understand the post-construction clean-up process? Tidy Clean Restoration has an extensive amount of experience with post-construction clean up.

Have you been frustrated with your current janitorial company? Do you feel that they simply follow a basic checklist, and are missing key areas around the office? Better yet, do you feel they do not understand the specific nuances of your building? At Tidy Clean Restoration, many of our current clients came to us initially with those same concerns. They did not feel that their janitorial company truly understood their needs, and that they were simply another number. With all of the janitorial companies out there, why couldn't they find one that took the time to personalize their service?

The most common areas overlooked when cleaning your home are the windows. The gateway to the outside world, you depend upon your windows for sunshine and fresh air. When they are dirty, they can give the interior of your home a drab and dingy look. You spend a lot of time and energy keeping your home up, the last thing you need are dirty windows down-playing your hard work. From sunrooms, to skylights, we have the tools to make your windows look as good as new! With over 19 years of experience cleaning windows, our clients come back again and again for the simple reason that the results speak for themselves.

When fire damage occurs on your property, it requires a specific skill set to appropriately restore the affected areas. You could be facing smoke damage, soot damage as well as water damage to your structure; not to mention areas of the property that may require re-building. In order to ensure your job is done correctly, you need to call a company that can do it all. One that understands the small details of each type of damage (no matter whether it's fire damage, water damage or sewage and drain), and who can restore your property quickly.

Have you experienced a water loss to your commercial property, and you do not know where to turn? Do you have a full staff of employees due to arrive to work, only to find a mess when they get there? Tidy Clean Restoration understands that water damage can happen to any property at any time. Unfortunately we simply cannot predict when a pipe will burst, storm damage occurs or a building sprinkler system malfunctions. The most important factor to consider when this happens is TIME. You do not have a lot of time to evaluate options- you need to call a professional company quick in order to minimize and contain the damage.

As buildings age, pipes get older and sewer lines can get backed up. In addition, employees will never treat facilities at work with the same care as they would at home. Even though commercial sewer lines are built to withstand greater wear-and-tear, they can still get clogged and backed up. As a business owner, you have a staff of employees counting on you to keep a safe working environment. This means that if a sewer line gets backed up, you need to act quickly. Tidy Clean Restoration is a water restoration company, who has been serving the Mankato, MN and surrounding areas for over 19 years.