Full Service Office Cleaning From Tallahassee Office Cleaners, to janitorial building maintenance, to medical facilities, to retail store cleaning, we have over 20 years of experience providing top notch office cleaning service.

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  City Tallahassee, FL
  Phone Number (850) 524-6511

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Office Cleaning

Our specialty is professional and affordable office cleaning, from corporate headquarters to small businesses. We provide cleaning services in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Monticello, Thomasville, and Quincy areas. . cleaning anywhere in the Tallahassee Big Bend area. When looking for office cleaning companies with good reviews, look no further!

Customer Testimonials

We couldn't be more happier with the services Tallahassee Office Cleaners provide!

The very best service that our office has had.

Tallahassee Office Cleaners cleans our medical office nightly and for the last 3 year they have not missed 1 day. Our previous service missed at least 4-5 times per month. We are so pleased and look forward to many more years with them providing service for our busy office.

We see patients in our office and Angela and her staff go over board at making each exam room safe and clean for our patients. Thank you all!

Ms. Angie is amazing.... I contacted her on a Saturday, desperately needing a clean; she came by the same day to take a look and gave us a reasonable price for the size and frequency of clean. From the first time meeting her I felt that I could trust that she'd meet our needs.I loved that she was able to fit us in that Monday on such short notice AND she comes while we are at work! She was very prompt and when we came home, our home was done so well that we didn't even want to move around in it! I also just have to note the fact that trusting someone to come to your home while you are not there and having all of your personal items present, is definitely not an easy thing to do when you've just met them; Angie put all of our concerns out of the window with her professionalism. Thanks Angie and your team!

This is by far the very best cleaning company out there today! They always do what they are told and never blink and eye. My wife and I are very pleased!

Angela is a very good cleaning person! She is fast and efficient!! BUT most important she is a very good person to have in your home. I have never liked having a cleaning person come into my home. Feels stressful most of the time. But, not with her. I especially have never wanted someone being in my home when I'm not here. But, I have total trust with Angela. I am so glad I found her!!!

This is by far the very best cleaning service in the Tallahassee area that we have used. This family owned and operated team is very professional and use the state of the art tools and equipment. We used them and could not believe how thorough they were. Very affordable also. Highly recommended.

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