We Provide the most extensive Carpet Cleaning within the industry today. Our mission is to supply the client with great client service combined with an eco friendly mind set while being a green carpet cleaning firm you can trust in your home. We have been delivering carpet cleaning and related services to clients in the Portland Metro area, Oahu Hawaii, Orange County California and Ventura California and its surrounding cities since 2001.

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  City Portland, OR
  Zip Code 97223
  Address 12992 sw ascension dr
  Phone Number (503) 830-1189

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Sunset Carpet Cleaning started in 2001 with Owner Steven Santos with a simple one stage portable and carpet cleaning van. We slowly started building a customer base of loyal and happy customers. Our mission was to provide the best and most environmentally friendly carpet cleaning company in Portland Metro. We experienced with various products and solutions that would not only be safe but effective. In 2005 we started experimenting with citrus based products that were non toxic and free of allergens and high VOC's.

Sunset Carpet Cleaning specializes in eco-friendly Pet Stain Removal. Accidents happen, but you don't have to use toxic chemicals to effectively remove pet stains and odors. Our all-natural cleaners are citrus-based and always followed by a thorough rinse, ensuring that surfaces are safe for your pets (and the rest of your family) immediately after cleaning. We use a non-toxic enzyme based product that is non-toxic and friendly for pets and children. We determine the best route in eliminating and removing stains that are caused by naughty pets.

It is a system used by carpet Sunset Carpet Cleaning and is a green or eco-friendly product that provides the best and most efficient use of natural resources (citrus and lemon extract typically) while trying to produce the least amount of negative effects on the environment and humans. We use Bio Kleen products which are all natural in our extraction units that are environmentally safe and safe for your household. It is safe with all washable fibers and gentle on hands and skin. The product we use has no harsh fumes, chlorine, solvents and other harsh ingredients like most other carpet cleaning chemicals.

Sunset Carpet Cleaning provides a variety of services for Portland Metro and Vancouver Wa customers, including professional Air Duct Cleaning. Our services will improve the air quality in your home or office, helping to ease allergies as well as cut down on energy costs. Sunset Carpet Cleaning has been offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions for home and business since 2001. We use a negative return feed system that is completely driven by negative air return through each vent in the house. The debris and dust is then captured into a self-containment unit at the vent and air is forced through a 2 inch hose that is pulled into a waste tank.

Sunset Carpet Cleaning has been in the eco-friendly cleaning business since 2001, before it was quite so cool to be green! We have spent years researching the best non-toxic carpet cleaners for our customers in Vancouver Wa and the Portland Metro. Our system uses natural cleansers followed by a thorough rinse, resulting in spotless carpeting with zero lingering toxins. Area rug cleaning is similar to our process of carpet cleaning but the fiber of the area rug dictates on how and what is used to clean the area rug.

Sunset Carpet Cleaning offers eco-friendly Commercial Carpet Cleaning in the Portland Metro and Vancouver Wa area. We have been in business since 2001, providing customers with safer, ‘green' options since before it was trendy. Extending your indoor living to the outdoors is a great way to add style and functionality to any yard. Outdoor living can include a simple patio to an outdoor kitchen with pizza oven. Entertaining or relaxing is a great use of your outdoor space. Sunset Carpet Cleaning provides a variety of services for Portland Metro and Vancouver Wa customers, including professional Air Duct Cleaning.

Sunset Carpet Cleaning is proud to bring eco-friendly Tile Cleaning solutions to the northwest, servicing customers in the Portland Metro and Vancouver Wa. We have been specializing in ‘green' cleaning options since 2001, working directly with manufacturers and rigorously testing products for safety as well as effectiveness. We use a high pressure rotating Hydro Force unit which spins at a high rate from 200psi to 1200 psi of 200 degrees or more consistently. What this does is break up the soil that is caught in between the grout lines if your tile and is an effective way of getting in small crevices or removing that hard to remove grime that is on your tile and grout.

We cover the Eugene area and have been Carpet Cleaning and providing excellent service for many years. We understand that over time carpets can take on much abuse and should be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on traffic. There are many contributing factors that can cause your carpets to get dirty or stained. Eugene also called The World's Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors and has much to offer. Eugene, situated on the west side of the cascades gives the city its ever deserved rainfall and green lush beauty.