For more than thirty five years, the name Steamgard Carpet Cleaners has represented quality and professionalism. Steamgard combines experience and experience with the strength of truck-mount hot water extraction to supply its clients with the cleanest possible, fast drying carpets. Vacuum suction 30 times that of portables. 200 F. temperature for top chemical capabilities.

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  City Sugar Grove, IL
  Zip Code 60554
  Address 2003 Granart Rd
  Phone Number (630) 556-4150

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The machines that you rent at the store are not as powerful as truck-mounted equipment. You are relying on 15-amp circuit to power the machine. The chemicals that you buy for the rental machines are not strong enough to get the job done. The manufacturers could not get product liability insurance to cover the product. Truck mounted machines are more powerful and efficient. They have higher water temperatures and stronger vacuum, leaving the carpets cleaner and dryer. By not getting the water out, you are not getting the dirt out, and you are leaving chemical in the carpet to attract soil.