When the time comes to clean those dirty doors and windows, Squeaky Clean Windows will supply you with the finest glass cleaning service.guaranteed. You are viewing the text version of this site.

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  City Clearfield, UT
  Zip Code 84015
  Address 325 West Antelope Driv # 5
  Phone Number (801) 645-7745

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For over fifteen years, Squeaky Clean Windows has been providing exceptional window cleaning service to home owners in Weber & Davis County and even expanding its services into St. The success of Squeaky Clean Windows originates from the core values instilled in each of its employees, making a great team. The purpose for which we do business is found in our drive to maintain your home, providing an affordable service at your convenience. The appearance and courtesy of our team is a part of our commitment to provide security and trust in our work.

There are a variety of ways window cleaners will clean screens. Some methods work better than others and can be more efcient than others as well. At Squeaky Clean Windows you can be sure that we will handle and clean your screens with the most care. We provide a comprehensive shampooing to ensure that your screens are as clean as possible. The window tracks are one of the most over looked cleaning projects in the entire house. Most homes being built these days consist of vinyl windows. Vinyl material is greatly affected by temperature and weather with the material expanding and contracting with the change of temperature.