We centered our firm goals around GREEN CLEANING and sustainable practices because we're passionate about being part of the solution. Our passion is not only for the environment, but for the health and wellness of the adults and kids who come in contact with the chemicals and processes used during cleaning everyday.

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  City Anaheim, CA
  Zip Code 92802
  Address 1618 South Clementine Strt
  Phone Number (714) 778-3997

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At Servicon, we care about our custodial technicians, who make up 95% of our diverse workforce. We value their dedication and respect them for the vital role they play on the frontline of infection prevention and in the creation of safe, healthy, more sustainable indoor environments. Richard Mahdesian created Servicon through his hard work, diligence, and unrivaled business acumen. Richard wanted to help his workers thrive, to be able to buy their first homes and send their children to college.

Over the past 10 years, we have received excellent service from your company. Beginning with a well-managed transition from the previous janitorial contractor to the day-to-day operations, your team has proactively anticipated our needs which has allowed me [senior property manager] to focus on my job.

From reducing HAIs to raising HCAHPS scores, from cleanroom services to floor care-and every EVS service in between-we have your back when it comes to maintaining a clean, safe, healthcare environment. With 48 years of aerospace facility maintenance experience, we have what you need to assure a clean, secure, and compliant environment that will help your business take off and keep it flying high. You need a custodial services company that protects your real estate investment by keeping your buildings healthy and your tenants happy while showing the world your socially responsible side.