We're happy to report that when you work with ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning, it is possible to get great service without paying an arm and a leg. How do we do it? The answer is our systems, which have been developed and refined over the course of 60 years by a nationally known company and applied by thousands of locally owned franchises.

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  City Radford, VA
  Zip Code 24141
  Address 6580 Valley Center Dr.
  Phone Number (540) 641-1104

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We provide Janitorial Cleaning services to over 175 facilities in the New River Valley/Roanoke Valley area, some of whom have been our clients from the very beginning in 1996. We believe that our janitorial cleaning services are second to none thanks to our capture and removal cleaning system and our performance-based cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

A regular professional carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning will:

Help maintain a uniform appearance for your carpet
Reduce the spread of bacteria, germs, mold, and disease
Remove any spots or stains currently present on your carpet
Reduce the impact of wear in high-traffic areas
Help restore the clean, natural texture and appearance of your carpets
Extend the life of your carpets by years
Use Scotchgard carpet protector to prevent future spots and spills from causing permanent damage
Provide regular spot cleaning service
Use the appropriate carpet cleaning methods and programs to meet your needs, timelines and budgets

Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery cleaning helps remove contaminants like oils, dead skin cells, and dust from chairs, sofas, and office partitions. Because these items come in a wide variety of textures and fabrics, an untrained cleaner might have difficulty determining the correct cleaning method. If the wrong method is used, it can cause color bleeding, discoloration, or shrinkage.

The upholstery cleaning professionals at ServiceMater Commercial Cleaning take the guesswork out of the process by selecting the most appropriate cleaning method and using the proper equipment and cleaning products.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you have a tile floor in your office, lobby, restroom, kitchen, or other area of your facility, you aren't alone. It is a very popular choice for flooring due to its durability, the problem is that the grout can become unattractive and dark due to the soils and dirt that inevitably come with high traffic areas.

Although regular mopping can slow this process, it can't stop it. That's due to the fact that grout by its very nature is porous and thus absorbs debris and dirt into it. Mopping does not remove this embedded debris; it only gets rid of the dirt on the surface.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning uses high-powered specialized equipment to extract the soil and dirt from your floors, thus restoring them to their original appearance (or as close to it as possible) .

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Clean hard-surface floors can really help to make your facility beautiful. If properly maintained, they can present a professional image for your company, contribute to a healthy workplace, and improve safety in the work environment.

Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

As with your floors and carpets, the cleanliness of the windows in your facility makes a statement about your business. Clean windows give your customers, visitors, and employees the impression of a professional business that takes care of its investments.

Keeping your windows clean can be a difficult task, since they need to be cleaned on both the inside and outside. This is especially true if your facility has a large number of windows, or if the windows are difficult to reach.

Customer Testimonials

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a cleaning service that I've been very satisfied with. The managers and the supervisors are amenable to anything that I need. If ever there is extra cleaning that I need done or something that's happened during the day or a problem that I have with the way something's been cleaned, they're very responsive. One phone call or one email usually handles our problem. I think that they train their employees better and they are more responsive than other cleaning services I've worked with.

ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning does a good job, especially when it comes to keeping the floors waxed and polished. With an institution like us, my emphasis is always on the cleanliness of the property, and that starts with the floors because if you walk into a building and you see well-kept floors, it sets the impression for the entire building. They've done a good job of finding the key person who can keep the floors clean, that is the first step of making everything else look good. Also, we are able to address any problems, concerns, or issues that we have on a regular weekly basis in meetings with the supervisor, which is very helpful.

I like the fact that ServiceMaster gives me the option of not having to use their paper products. Also, they are very good about keeping track of the inventory of those items, and giving me a heads-up on when I need to order more. That's one less thing I have to do. Also, Janet is fantastic with communication, and always is quick to correct any problems.

I like the fact that ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning is a local business--even though they are a national company they have a locally owned franchise. Also, I was impressed by Adam’s enthusiasm. He seemed to be very conscientious about what he did. He was very nice, and seemed genuinely interested in our business. He and his staff were always extremely responsive. If we contacted them about any issues, they usually had somebody here to deal with it the same day. Then they would do follow-up to make sure that the problem did get resolved and that we were satisfied with the response.


ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning

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