If you have, manage or operate a business building or facility in Northern New Jersey, ServiceMax can handle all your facility management requirements.

We are a quality driven family owned and run affordable janitorial serivce, building maintenance and janitorial supply business always seeking to provide our present and future clients with 100% satisfaction.


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Products & Services

Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Service Max offers a variety of services for customers involving :

Commercial Complete

The Commercial Complete Service cleans every window in a business building. We clean the outside surface of every window, then clean the inside surface of those windows. This guarantees that the windows are cleaned to our exacting standards

Commercial Exterior

The Commercial Exterior Service cleans the exterior surface of every window in a commercial building.

Commercial Interior

The Commercial Interior Service cleans the inside surface of every window in a commercial building.

Clean windows are a must in companies as well as in homes. Nothing conveys professionalism and attention to detail as well as sparkling clean windows.

Gone are the days when you can call up your neighborhood window guy to clean the windows. Unfortunately, for some building owners and managers, they still have in their mind; A window is a window; how hard can it be to clean them? Window cleaning today is much more then a function of removing dirt and grim from a glass surface.

Construction Clean Up

Construction Clean Up

We're your post construction clean up professionals. Now that you have invested so much time, money and effort into remodeling or building your new office space we're sure you'll want its final presentation to be clean and beautiful. Don't move in until ServiceMax offers the after construction clean-up. Your office or building's debut is of utmost importance and with a ServiceMax construction clean-up, the interior and exterior of your property will look clean, smell fresh and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Contractors throughout Northern New Jersey rely on ServiceMax to remove dirt, dust and debris that construction crews leave behind. We supply the elbow grease so that you can get back to business. When we are through, your new offices will be ready for you to occupy!

Restroom cleaning

Restroom cleaning

Service Max Restroom Cleaning lets our service experts to easily and thoroughly clean around fixtures much faster and more throughly than is possible when using wipers, brushes or mops. And, because our cleaning machine is continually flushing away contaminants, the end result is hygienically cleaner facilities.

The Service Max Restroom cleaing service, cleans restrooms in less than half the time compared to traditional restroom cleaning procedures.

From Our Website

We are a quality driven family owned and operated - affordable janitorial, building maintenance and janitorial supply company always seeking to provide our present and future customers with 100% satisfaction. Our intent is to earn and maintain the respect of our customers in every aspect of our interaction with them.

You may not think about it often, but the state of your office and facility leaves an impression on everyone who enters your door - an impression that reflects right back on you! The cleanliness of your office, carpets and floors all impact your customers perception of your company. A sparkling, well-maintained facility is an invitation in itself, pleasant to visit and comfortable to work in. Of course, it takes a lot of work to keep a business looking its best at all times. Our company and employees consider cleaning a profession - our profession.

At ServiceMax our janitorial services are unique due to our depth of understanding of customers' individual needs, and the depth of experience upon which we have built best practices. Our intense janitorial service training programs, superior on-site management, and the respect we show our customers and employees create an environment in which we consistently exceed the janitorial service needs and goals of our clients. We offer a full range of high quality commercial and industrial janitorial services to meet the needs of our customers in the North Jersey area.