We are Santa Cruz County's oldest, largest, and most knowledgeable oriental and area rug, in-home carpet, upholstery, and specialty cleaners, and the only certified MASTER Area Rug Cleaner in Northern California. We specialize in the proper maintenance and cleaning of all types of Area Rugs. From rare and costly hand-knotted and hand-tied rugs, to machine made and synthetic rugs - we clean them all!

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  City Santa Cruz, CA
  Address 111 Dubois Street, Ste C
  Phone Number (831) 423-5235

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The carpets needed cleaning and I called Santa Cruz Rug Cleaners, since I have used them before. Setting up an appointment was very fast and easy. When the technician arrived, I recognized him from the past two times we have used them. It was great to see the same person who had done such a nice job before. Again the carpets were cleaned beautifully and professionally. They also cleaned an arm chair and that turned out great too. Great local business.

I repeatedly hire this firm and have recommended to friends. They clean carpets the old fashioned way - they get wet - but the care, skill and ability to get the carpets clean is outstanding. They are price conscious and have always done an excellent job for me. I will be calling them again next month.

From Our Website

Did you know that when a piece of furniture is manufactured, that there is little thought about the cleaning of it?! Fabric is not usually preshrunk or tested for colorfastness. That's why, when you call our shop you'll find that we ask a variety of questions to determine the best way to clean your item, as some fabrics can be cleaned in your home, while others need to be cleaned in our shop. Getting service from our shop in Santa Cruz ensures that the delicate materials are taken care of properly and nothing gets damaged.

Pet owners know that even the best trained pets can have accidents from time to time. Animal stains can damage your carpet and ruin your rugs and upholstery. All pet stains should be treated as soon as they are detected to guarantee a complete and successful stain removal. The longer it sits, the harder it can be to remove the stain completely. Additionally, if you try to clean the stains yourself, please keep in mind that while there are many over the counter solutions available for purchase, majority of these products are too strong and create a bigger stain or discoloration than the original stain.

Water can have devastating consequences if not treated quickly and properly, not only to your home, but to your furnishings as well. Typical causes of water damage include fire, weather and burst pipes. Damage will occur if the water is not quickly and properly extracted and the salvageable property thoroughly dried and disinfected. Water spreads rapidly and can quickly result in costly damages. Unlike simple water damage, sewage and gray water damage is often hazardous. Raw sewage contains bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause serious health issues because they are not only solid waste but also airborne and can be inhaled and/or ingested.

Hardwood flooring adds elegance and charm to your home. Over time though, as heavy traffic dulls and scratches your hardwood floor, it accumulates scuffs and spots, becoming dirty. If your hardwood floors have dirt build up and lost their shine, you need a professional wood floor cleaning to restore your floors to their original luster. We use advanced floor cleaning equipment and a special wood floor cleaner to bring back the shine, and by regular professional cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood floor, we can minimize the effects of the traffic, increase durability, and reduce the appearance of wear and tear.

Discoloration between tiles can indicate that there is grime and dirt build up. Grime and dirt build up is caused by everyday use and spills and should be cleaned regularly to prevent unwanted odors, mold growth, and a dirty appearance. If left untreated the grime and dirt build up can eventually cause allergies, rashes, and even an asthma attack. At Santa Cruz we're able to guide you towards the perfect professionals to clean between your stone, tile, travertine, and marble! Our professionals take the time to listen to your concerns about your tile and stone, offer their expert advice and recommendations based on their years of experience and your unique situation, and provide you with all of the information and alternative options you need to feel confident!

All rugs, whether they are handmade or machine made, go through our multi-step process designed specifically to address each unique trait of every rug we work on. If your rug has become damaged, whether it's moth damage or other issues, we can provide you with top-of-the-line rug repair to restore it to its former beauty. It is not easy to deal with pet urine accidents when they occur, but our technicians will provide a full deep clean that doesn't leave any lingering stains or odors. Not all rugs are the same.

We often hear the expression, "Carpet Cleaning isn't Rocket Science", but if you've ever had your carpets cleaned by someone who really doesn't know what they're doing, you find out very fast that just because someone owns a truck mount system doesn't mean they know how to clean carpet! Our certified technicians have gone to school to learn the correct way to clean carpet based on the manufacturer, the fiber content, and which products to use on which types of spills and soil you have had. And without a regular, detailed cleaning, your carpets act like a filter throughout your home, attracting dust, dirt and allergens that get ground into your carpets and pads.

Santa Cruz Rug Cleaners is a local rug cleaning company serving our clients since 1945. We offer a variety of services including rug cleaning and repairs, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning and much more. We've earned two of the highest designations the rug cleaning industry has to offer - Master Rug Cleaner & Textile Pro - and are the only company in Northern California to achieve both of these gold standards in training and certification. Although we are proud of these designations, we don't think that was on Dan Fogarty's mind when he opened up Santa Cruz Rug Cleaners back on Elm Street in 1945.