Sano Steam specialized in custom cleaning Jobs and sanitization. Sano Steam is staffed with trained cleaners and state of the art equipment. If you need a Carpet Cleaner in Wilmington NC, check what our clients have to say about our Carpet Cleaning. We offer 60 minute emergency response and provide convenient direct insurance billing. Certified Technicians: Our technicians are our greatest asset.

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At Sano Steam of North Carolina, we offer our customers the most effective cleaning solutions, all with highly-efficient and professional service. We serve single-family homes, multi-family properties and businesses of all kinds with both one-time services or regular scheduled cleanings. From deep carpet cleanings to complete restorations for water-damaged areas, our promise is to always leave your floors and carpets looking brand new! Our advanced cleaning method are gentle, yet effective, and are great for tile, grout, hardwood, and carpets of all kinds.

Whether it is carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning and polishing, air duct cleaning, water damage remediation, or any of the other specialties we excel at, we provide our clients with fair prices, dependable service, and a great attitude. Our satisfaction comes from seeing happy and satisfied customers, and that's what we've been doing for over 25 years. Chayse Roth is a former Marine Raider, having served over 12 years all over the world. Chayse completed his MBA in 2016. He has a passion for business and a desire to assist veterans with their transition to civilian life.

Not only can excessive dust cause respiratory problems and other health issues, failing to clean your air ducts can also damage your home and equipment. At Sano Steam, we a utilize utilize a high-powered, self-contained industrial HEPA vacuum to remove the built-up dust and debris lurking in your air ducts. Our system has been proven to be the most effective for eliminating airborne contaminants. It utilizes a combination roto-brush at the head of vacuum hose that is inserted into your ducting.

Do you have green mildew growing on the side of your house, but have no idea how to remove it? Don't spend hours scrubbing it with generic cleaners and a hose. Pressure washing is the most effective solution to remove mildew, mold, and algae from unwanted areas. By applying the perfect amount of pressure, our power washers can force any growth or dirt off of your home safely without damaging the exterior siding, bricks, or other construction materials. Pressure washing is also a must when you are staining or re-staining a deck.

Our technicians utilize a truck-mounted deep hot water extraction system, the most effective method for removing stains, dirt, and other contaminants from your carpeting. Our advanced system uses the latest deep cleaning methods to extract dirt from deep inside your carpeting, leaving your carpets looking and smelling as fresh as they did the day you bought them. Hot water extraction steam cleaning is a proven, reliable method for all types of carpeting and area rugs. At Sano Steam of North Carolina we offer our customers the best and most complete service and optimized quality of our services in the most efficient and professional manner, encouraging all homeowners to evaluate their necessities.

Sano Steam's restoration division offers toxic mold testing, moisture investigation and leak inspection, design a mitigation protocol, Mold Testing swaps, air samples, Allergy relief service and asthma trigger control. At Sano Steam, we provide mold testing typically with a three-day turnaround to determine the type and extent of your mold infestation. Sano Steam ASCR Certified technicians collect the samples and ship it the same day for testing. This facility is equipped to analyze viable and non-viable air, bulk, and direct surface samples.

If you're currently dealing with water, the first step is to stop the source of water flow or leak as soon as possible! You will find the main shut-off valve next to the water meter or under a panel on the driveway in nearly every home or building: next, call Sano Steam as soon as possible to start extracting standing water, apply germicide solution and start the drying process. Our IICRC-approved methods are covered by most insurance providers and with a quick call to Sano Steam, our disaster loss reduction method can save you time, hassles, and serious damage.