With more than 45 years of knowledge, the experts at RW Plumbing provide a range of plumbing installation and repair services to satisfy all your requirements. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we're committed to delivering best quality service. From drain cleaning to repiping, our neat and clean technicians tackle any plumbing problem with enthusiasm.

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With our professional equipment we can clear any clog. We will completely clear the line and not just punch a hole in it like some of the other guys. This will help prevent future back-ups. Our trained technicians will help you get your hot water back fast. We will make sure it is installed correctly and safely to eliminate the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide. We use professional quality, glass lined tanks to slow the rusting of the tank and keep your water cleaner. If the water line is leaking between the meter and your house call us!

Recently we were away on a two week vacation and mid-way through our son went by our house in Woodinville and found our water heater had broken and flooded our basement. He worked with the insurance company to dry out the basement, but we knew if we didn't get a new water heater installed, we would have to stay in a hotel when we came back. So, we asked him to arrange for a plumber to install a new water heater. My husband and I have a strong commitment to giving our business to Woodinville companies.

Perform carbon monoxide test to check for for potentially fatal leaks on your hot water heater. Clean and adjust gas water heater burners to optimize burning, extend the life, and reduce energy cost. Test static water pressure and adjust if possible to avoid damage to faucets, piping, and the hot water heater.