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Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services should be part of your regular home maintenance program. The informed consumer is aware that carpet and upholstery do not need to appear soiled to benefit from cleaning. Soil not only affects the appearance of fabric, but the friction caused by its undetected presence is the greatest contributor to fiber damage. This type of damage is not correctable and has been shown to be the greatest contributor to premature replacement. We at Roth Carpet Cleaning are committed to helping you protect your home by offering economical solutions based on your lifestyle, which will ensure the longest life and value from your most costly and hard earned investments.

Steam Extraction:A less aggressive cleaning method than Machine Scrubbing, but more appropriate in certain types of maintenance situations. Hand Shampoo:The most aggressive cleaning method available for upholstery. Recommended for use on heavily soiled furniture, furniture that has not been cleaned in over one year, or for any fabric that requires the use of a low-moisture cleaning method. In addition to our one-time project services, we offer on-going, daily maintenance programs. Because most janitorial services are performed when your business is closed, you may never see the janitorial staff.