Let us show you the Modern Difference. Modern is your answer to a clean and unique quality image. When you think clean, Think Modern Window Cleaning. Architects and building designers are using bigger windows to enhance the overall look and feel of their buildings. The additional natural lightning creates an ambiance to the offices within that can actually improve employee efficiency.

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We have used Modern Window for over 10 years to clean the interior and exterior windows at the Waters Building. The crew is always very courteous and conducts themselves in a very professional manner. It is always a pleasure to work with them and I highly recommend them! Want your windows to glean as the light streams through? Want untracked floors and an untrampled landscape? Want green cleaning services that are safe for people and pets? Want all that AND minimal interruption? Then be sure to look closely at your window cleaning service.

At Modern, we've always asked ourselves: How can we make our window cleaning services better? More efficiently? In safer ways for people, their property and the planet? Modern Window Cleaning is certified by the International Window Cleaners Association. We're members of the National Environmental Health Association, the American Society for Healthcare and Environmental Services, the International Facility Management Association and the Grand Rapids and Holland Area Chambers of Commerce. Over the years, what customers have cared about most isn't our technology, memberships or even our honors.

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions from building owners and building managers about high rise window cleaning services available at Modern Window Cleaning. Modern Window Cleaning is OSHA certified, and we are accredited by the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) as high-rise specialists. Modern Window Cleaning is home to West Michigan's first robotic window cleaning machine, "Sheila, " which doesn't rely on the number of anchors a crew of manual workers requires.

In most cases glass repair does not cause distortion and the glass will be restored to "like new" condition. We will inform you before performing any repairs if there is a chance of distortion as a result of severe damage to the glass surface. That way you can make an education decision as to whether or not to proceed with the repair or opt for replacement. A scratch that you can feel and catch your fingernail in can be removed without distortion. Yes, as long as the tint is throughout the glass and not just surface applied, we can provide window stain removal and glass repair services on tinted glass.

Cleaning your roof is an easy way to improve the appearance of your business, but it will also save you money long-term. If you see black streaking on your roof, you are looking at bacterial growth that often includes mold, mildew, moss, and algae. This bacteria will continue to grow and spread across your roof. Over time, this can have a negative impact on a cool roof's ability to reflect solar energy. The bacteria can also prematurely age and rot your roof, leading to a costly roof replacement.

Meet Sheila: West Michigan's First Automated High-Rise Window Cleaner Modern Window Cleaning is living up to its name with West Michigan's first high-rise window cleaning machine, the HighRise by IPCEagle. Using pure water for cleaning - NO chemicals -. Both sides now: New cleaning machine faster, gentler on screens. Windows can't look crystal clear unless the screens in front or in back of them are really clean too. Modern Window Cleaning crews are excited when they see their customers' reaction to the.

Your residential window cleaningGrand Rapids team will arrive on time and in uniform, with all the equipment and know-how needed to reach your highest windows and clean and replace your screens, all while treading lightly on your landscaping. And you'll know them from their photos, which we'll send you before they get there. Yes, Modern Window Cleaning is both licensed and insured. We are also certified by the International Window Cleaners Association. As proponents of environmental issues, we joined the National Environmental Health Association, the American Society for Healthcare and Environmental Services, the International Facility Management Association.

Learn more about our commercial window cleaning services, including information about our technicians, geographical areas served, and pricing. Get answers to your questions about residential window cleaning, like what happens if it rains the day of your appointment, and what types of cleaning products we use. Learn more about our high rise window cleaning services, including how often you should have your windows washed, and if we clean high-rise windows in the winter. Get answers to commonly asked questions about commercial roof cleaning services from Modern Window Cleaning, including how often to clean your roof and how our workers adhere to specific guidelines.