At RestoreALL, our mission is to supply superior mitigation, remediation, restoration, reconstruction and cleaning services. We do this by utilizing the latest equipment and technology delivering skilled tradesmen, exceptional employees and superb client service to provide the type of service that we as clients expect to receive.

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  City New Port Richey, FL
  Zip Code 34652
  Phone Number (727) 847-7790

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RestoreALL is a locally owned & operated company that has provided disaster restoration services since 1990. We are a fully licensed & insured General Contractor; we provide 24-hour Emergency Response and Disaster Restoration Services for all types of damage. Performing repairs on both commercial & residential properties located throughout Tampa bay and the state of Florida. We manage all phases of the project, from the emergency service, to inspecting damages, estimating repairs, & complete restoration of structure.

Water damage is an annoyance that no one enjoys dealing with. Since the majority of people presume the problem is gone when the water is gone, it is best to have our Tampa Water Damage Team come take a look, because this can be just the beginning of water damage hazards. When water is introduced to a building it can lead to both health risks from mold as well as structural damage to a building. If an section of a home or business is subjected to moisture it is important to call our Tampa Water Damage Team to look for signs of mold and mildew growth as well as potential structural damage.

A water damage situation offers the opportunity for mold spores that are typically present to multiply. Organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper and drywall provide food sources for mold to grow. Our Tampa Mold Damage Repair Team handles equipment such as Hepa vacuums, negative air machines, and respirators to effectively perform all mold remediation services. Our employees are certified & trained in mold remediation and mitigation protocol. We provide the effective decontamination of contents, proper placement of containment barriers, interpret the environmentalist's protocols, and perform the mold removal.