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  City Tallahassee, FL
  Zip Code 32312
  Address 152 Sugar Plum Drv
  Phone Number (850) 422-2227

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Life can hit your property hard. Whether it's wear and tear on your carpet or a serious emergency, these moments need an extreme team. That's why Extreme Carpet Care is ready to jump into action whenever you need us. From homes to commercial properties, indoors to outdoors, and regular cleaning to water removal, we've got you covered. Give us a call at any time. There will always be someone here to answer. With Extreme Carpet Care, you'll get the service that you need and deserve. Extreme Carpet Care did a great job cleaning the carpets in my apartment.

Commercial water damage restoration is no easy task. You want the right team, and you want that team right away. When it comes to water damage, you can't risk choosing someone who will take shortcuts. When your property gets flooded, either by a burst pipe or extreme weather, you'll need to act fast. Your business will feel the impact right away. You may even have to close your business temporarily while you deal with the problem. What are the dangers of water damage? Here are just a few of the reasons why you'll need commercial water damage restoration immediately.

They give you unconditional love and companionship. They also leave stains on your floor. You love your pet, but the stains and odors need to go. Thankfully, the Extreme Carpet Care team is here to help. We offer a pet stain and odor removal service for the Tallahassee area. If your carpet has put up with a lot from your pet, then it's time to call Extreme Carpet Care in Tallahassee. We take care of some of the worst pet stains so that you can keep using your carpets without worry. You scrub and scrub, but some of those pet stains refuse to go away.

A hardwood floor is a timeless investment. With the right care, it can last for a lifetime. If you're looking for hardwood floor cleaning in Tallahassee, then you've already made a great design choice. Design trends come and go, but hardwood flooring will always be a beautiful and durable home option. That said, hardwood floors require a specific kind of care. Not every cleaner will do the job right. That's why we go to extremes to take care of hardwood floors for our clients. When you need hardwood floor cleaning in Tallahassee, give Extreme Carpet Care a call.