Nothing is more important for your employees, tenants and clients than a clean, healthy, and safe business environment. Find out why the area's leading firms depend on Redwood Building Maintenance Co., the oldest and biggest locally-owned building services firm in the North Bay. We provide top-quality, cost-effective custodial and maintenance care of your facilities!

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  City Petaluma, CA
  Zip Code 94954
  Address 1364 North McDowell Boulv # B
  Phone Number (707) 782-9100

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Professional businesses like yours choose us because we are large enough to serve you and small enough to know you. That has been our motto since we opened in 1965. As a regional company with multiple locations based in the North Bay and East/South Bay, we have a genuine knowledge of the market, our customers, and their industries. Businesses like yours choose us because we are large enough to serve you and small enough to know you. That has been our motto for some time. We have a genuine knowledge of the Bay Area market and our customers.

There's no better or more reliable references for a company's quality and dependable service than the customer it serves. RBM has painstakingly built its reputation through hard work, attention to detail and an unrelenting pursuit of service excellence. The folks at RBM listen carefully to their customers' individual needs and find ways to fulfill these concerns with cost-effective solutions. This is how solid, long-term business relationships are established. They are nurtured through day-to-day personal contact and grown with the mutual pride in a job well done.

Redwood Building Maintenance personnel are true professionals who can handle your housekeeping and janitorial needs. The team at Redwood Building Maintenance has years of experience in maintaining a wide range of medical facilities. Our highly experienced cleaning personnel are well-acquainted with the operations of a medical facility. All cleaning schedules and hygiene standards are customized to meet the needs of health workers working at the facility. We will make sure we do not disturb your schedule, practice, employees and clients.

We offer extensive Handyman Services from small to mid size repairs to equipment replacement or installation. This includes lighting work such as ballast repair or replacement but also basic electrical, plumbing, drywall repair, painting, tile repair, and carpentery services. Our mission is simple; it is to provide top quality handyman work at a great price to all of our clients in the Bay Area. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated, with kindness and fairness. With thousands of hours of handyman and cleaning services under their belt, our team is very effective in small to medium repair work.

RBM can provide quality cleaning solutions for many types of businesses including large and small retail stores, locally owned small offices. We can be flexible enough to provide services as needed, day or night and at the frequency level that is right for you. Some of our customers handle their own daily cleaning, but ask us to perform floor care services, carpet cleaning or window washing services on a periodic basis. RBM partners with large national companies on some of these contracts and on a local level with some.

The cleaning team at RBM specializes in cleaning facilities like Health Clubs, Gyms, Sport Centers, and Fitness and Yoga Studios. We understand that, by the nature of its business, a sporting complex can be a breeding ground for virus and bacteria. We make sure that your facility is disinfected, clean, and looks pristine for your members. For a free quote on a cleaning plan for your health club or sport facility, please contact our expert team by email or by phone at (888) 789-0600.

Many customers take advantage of our ability to monitor, supply and deliver consumable supplies for restrooms and kitchens and include the cost along with the monthly bill. Over the years, RBM has formed close relations with many janitorial suppliers. By purchasing in very large quantities, we can often provide consumable products at lower prices than can be found at a local warehouse or office product store. Because we can deliver these products after hours, no one from your office has to sign and receive the products when they are delivered.

Over the years RBM has worked with construction contractors large and small on a wide variety of post construction cleaning projects. We have a deep understanding of the pressure general contractors are under during that "final push" of the construction phase. Included among the many projects are hotels, large manufacturing plants, large and small multi-tenant office buildings, apartment complexes, veterinary clinics, schools, medical buildings as well as many high end private homes. At RBM, we bid jobs to do the job right and in a timely manner.