Welcome to PRO-TECH Cleaning Services, a complete service upholstery and carpet cleaning firm serving the Portland and Vancouver area. Our mission is to treat every customer as a friend and supply a service experience that will keep them coming back. We realize that home furnishings are an investment and therefore should be cared for properly. PRO-TECH Cleaning Services is not a franchise.

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  City Portland, OR
  Zip Code 97222
  Address 2269 Southeast Lindenbrook Ct
  Phone Number (503) 975-7577

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We serve the greater Portland area including Vancouver, Troutdale, Wilsonville, and Beaverton. Our goal is to provide the utmost level of service and professionalism and treat every client and their home with respect. PRO-TECH Cleaning Services is not a franchise. Most of the work is performed personally by the owner, Chris Boston, which is a guarantee to clients that they will consistently receive top quality work. We clean all types of textiles, including wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, and upholstered furniture.

While there are many companies that clean carpets, few specialize in upholstery cleaning. While the principles of removing soil remain the same, the approach and chemistry is vastly different. Improper chemistry in carpet cleaning may be not be immediately apparent, while the same problem in upholstery cleaning can alter the feel of the fabric and even change its color. While carpet is made of only a few different types of fibers, upholstery fabric can be woven into literally thousands of different combinations.

Stone and tile floors are becoming increasing popular in homes today. Homeowners can choose between ceramic tile, marble, slate, travertine, and granite, and soapstone among others. While sweeping and mopping is necessary for daily maintenance, professional cleaning and sealing is necessary to keep your floors looking their best. Oil and grease mixes with fine particulate soil to create a thin film on the surface that can not be removed with a mop. Brush agitation and stone-specific detergent cleaners are the necessary tools to do the job.

Area rugs require special care. Like upholstery cleaning, proper chemistry is absolutely necessary. Most rugs that we clean are 100% wool. Wools of New Zealand, one of world's largest manufacturers of wool products, specifies that wool rugs should not be cleaned with a pH over 9, and a temperature over 175. Improper cleaning can cause color loss and fiber damage. Our company carefully follows all guidelines for proper rug cleaning. The first step in area rug cleaning is inspection. While most rugs are 100% wool, many rugs are machine-made olefin or nylon rugs.

Dogs and cats may be our best friends, but not necessarily the best friends of our carpeting and upholstery. Animal stains have been a problem for as long as people have had indoor pets. Neglected stains can result in an unpleasant odor and permanent structural and color damage to textiles. For areas with relatively few urine deposits, we can treat individual spots by using specialized equipment to remove and rinse the urine from both the carpet and pad. Over the years, we have successfully de-odorized and de-colorized literally hundreds of pet accidents.

Carpet cleaning is what we do best. We clean both residential carpets and commercial carpets on a daily basis through out the Portland Oregon area. We follow Dupont and 3M carpet cleaning recommendations by using the hot-water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. This is the only process that both sanitizes the carpet and leaves no residue. Proper carpet cleaning is an involved 12-step process. 1. Carpet Inspection We carefully check all areas to be cleaned to determine which areas will need the most attention.

As a green cleaning company, we are committed to doing our part in helping maintain a healthy indoor environment. A proper cleaning process removes oil and various chemicals, bacteria food sources, and allergens. Our goal is to improve the indoors without harming the outdoors. Many are concerned about the use of chemicals during the cleaning process. We are too. Fortunately, cleaning chemical manufacturers have responded by producing green cleaning solutions that meet EPA regulations for environmentally safe products.