My name is Tim Berg, and I have been in the carpet cleaning industry for over fifteen years. I am continually educating myself and my customers about new techniques to clean their carpets and in keeping them clean how they can keep their families healthy! I have offered a Consumer Care Guide which has useful information to assist you make an informed decision when choosing a carpet cleaning firm.

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Laminate flooring better than new thanks! Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are amazed at the results. The floors look better than when we first had them installed. The shine is beautiful. The results are fantastic. No more streaking, its great! My floors are looking terrific! I don't know if you guys do anything with this information, but it worked beautifully. My floors look terrific and there is absolutely no trace of the paint overspray. I just can't help singing the praises of your product!

We specialize in providing commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses just like yours. Our WholeClean carpet maintenance program can provide your business with quality commercial carpet care. I would be pleased to show you how your carpet can look like new, and demonstrate how you can save money with a well laid out carpet maintenance program. Your Carpet Can Look Like New: Our WholeClean commercial cleaning process penetrates deep into the carpet fiber to remove deeply embedded soil. Our cleaning system transforms dull and muted carpet and restores its vibrant beauty.

Keep the following items on hand so you will be prepared to handle fresh spills on your carpet: Neutral dish detergent such as Joy or Dawn (dilute 20:1); clear household ammonia; white vinegar (dilute 1:1); wet spotter such as Spot Gone; dry spotter such as Dissolve; paint thinner; hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) for bleaching; denatured or isopropyl alcohol; a good supply of white terry cloths; and a spotting brush. If you have pets, stock a bacteria/enzyme digester such as Liquid Alive. A wet/dry vac is great to have as well.

We charge by the square foot, so in order to give you the best service we need to come to your facillity and inspect the carpeted areas. We will perform a 20 point inspection and offer a plan to care for you carpet cleaning needs. We have a power point presentation that explains how our service is different and why you will benefit from our service.