Superior engineering and consistent on-time delivery have made Proceco a leader in water-based parts cleaning systems, providing innovative solutions that offer greater competitive advantage for our clients worldwide.

Today, we are a global company serving diverse markets in more than 35 countries. Proceco technology is proven in the most demanding working environments - from high-precision, high-production post-machining applications in the automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing industries, to specialized cleaning applications in the packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition, we deploy ultra high-pressure and liquid abrasive technologies to meet the tough demands of rebuilding applications in automotive after markets, as well as in rail & transit and aircraft maintenance.

This extensive cross-industry experience is an important part of our ability to respond to our clients' needs with "outside the box" solutions that help them realize their development potential, as well as improve their bottom line. In fact, our customers have come to expect it from us.

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Products & Services

Spray/Immersion Parts Washers provide Triple Cleaning Action

Proceco spray-immersion aqueous parts washers are designed to handle a wide variety of complex small or medium parts inside standard baskets, or loaded via a custom-engineered fixture. Its triple-action cleaning combines high-impact spray, turbulent immersion and forced flushing to clean even the most complex parts. Rotating baskets are power-sprayed then immersed in a solution bath with agitation and ultrasonics providing flushing and a precision cleaning process.

The immersion bath is continuously replenished with filtered and recircluated solution for maximum efficiency. Parts are loaded into four standard baskets providing the Proceco SI-2 with a high production rates from 12 to 32 baskets per hour depending on the required cycle time. A two-basket SI-1 model is also available. All spray/immersion parts washer models come complete with fully recirculated wash, rinse, and blow-off.

Belt Conveyor Aqueous Parts Washers

Proceco offers standard and heavy-duty models of belt conveyor aqueous parts washer. These in-line cleaning systems are designed to clean industrial parts in a continuous flow. High-impact sprays of cleaning solution from top, bottom and sides reach all expose surfaces of parts transport by the conveyor. Modular concepts allow a number of stages to be added providing multistage operation; meeting a wide variety of processes and cleanliness requirements with high levels of reliability.

Heavy-Duty, Turntable Spray Cabinet Washers

Proceco HD turntable spray parts washer is designed to clean large parts placed on turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets. Available turntable diameters from 28’’ to 148’’ and designed for 2, 000 to 20, 000-lb capacity. Washer can integrate up to 4 recirculated stages. Ideal for maintenance and remanufacturing processes.

Automated Immersion Systems for Parts Cleaning and Surface Treatment

Proceco's ADT immersion tank lines are multi-stage immersion systems designed for wet dip processes used for metal surface treatment, aqueous parts cleaning, and NDT flaw detection. Parts degreasing, anodizing, pickling and phosphating are just some of the processes handled by Proceco's ADT immersion lines across the aviation, automotive and general manufacturing industries.

Each immersion system is custom engineered for a specific process and workpieces. Proceco systems offer automation, process control, dynamic scheduling, and automatic part transfer hoists to meet your exact needs. In addition, ultrasonics, agitation, turbulation rotation, and spray processes can be integrated in any immersion washers to enhance immersion parts cleaning and surface treatment. This makes Proceco's ADT immersion lines completely flexible; ideal for parts manufacturing and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) .

SigmaClean® Aqueous Parts Washers for LEAN production cell

The SigmaClean® is a special line of compact aqueous parts washer design to easily fit into any LEAN production cell and to produce clean and dry parts at a minimal costs. SigmaClean® is available in different models such as Agi-Spray, Conveyor and Rotary to meet various cell lay-outs and to handle various part configurations. The SigmaClean® Agi-Spray combines triple cleaning action to clean parts loaded into basket or mounted on engineered fixtures.

The SigmaClean® Conveyor handles part on an in-line belt conveyor while the SigmaClean® Rotary features a single loading/unloading point for a wide range of small parts. All SigmaClean® parts washers feature extra cleaning process than rival washers, oversized solution tanks, multiple safety guarding and broad range of accessories to maximize flexibility and performance while providing low maintenance and minimum downtime.

Custom Designed Parts Washers and Integrated Cleaning Systems

Proceco integrated cleaning system is much more than a standard parts washer. It is an innovative solution that extends upstream and downstream, beyond parts cleaning, taking a comprehensive systems approach that optimizes performance and cost efficiency for your application. At Proceco, we employ a modular design philosophy that offers fast system delivery while ensuring custom integration with your manufacturing environment.

Our pre-engineered modular platforms allow remarkable flexibility for customizing your system to your specific requirements. Base modules can be combined in a variety of multi-stage configurations, and are available with a vast array of features and options, to achieve the highest productivity for your post-machining processes.

High-Speed, High-Pressure Water Jet Deburring Systems

The Proceco Accu-Jet® is a five-axis, CNC controlled, hydro-deburring machine tool designed to flush and deburr precision metal or plastic parts. At the heart of the Accu-Jet® is a four-axis CNC controlled Cartesian gantry robot designed to pick a part from a conveyor, flush and deburr machined surfaces and narrow cavities using high-pressure water at high speed, and replace the parts onto a conveyor. Cycle times can be greatly reduced with an optional fifth axis, allowing simultaneous processing of multiple parts features. High-pressure water up to 10, 000 psi is recirculated and filtered to provide a closed-loop and environmentally friendly process.

Aqueous Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems for Railway Applications

Proceco offers a complete line of multi-stage, automated aqueous degreasing and cleaning systems engineered for the demanding rail and transit maintenance processes. These parts washers deliver fast, high-quality cleaning while reducing chemical and labor costs. Proceco can also custom design systems tailored to your specific needs.

Dunnage Parts Washer

Proceco MB-D dunnage parts washer is designed to automatically clean and dry a variety of types and sizes of reusable plastic dunnage, trays and pallets in a continuous process. A hot recirculated aqueous cleaning solution is sprayed on all dunnage surfaces to remove machining oils, coolants, metal chips, transport dust, and dirt.