Premier Window Cleaning is a company whose genesis began after being introduced to this industry by someone whose encouraging words became an inspiration to me, thereby leading me down a new path at that time in my life. I eventually became devoted to learning as much as I could about getting involved in the window cleaning business. And then with that internal flame lit, I walked down the path to starting my own window cleaning company. And with my previous entrepreneurial experience of being a national jewelry designer & manufacturer for 12 years, and former stock market investor for several more after that, I had a number of years of business ownership, with organizational, management, and production skill sets.

And maybe most importantly, constant precision detail oriented work which I was always involved with. Including my ability to focus on micro projects until completion. As well as being involved with former sales and customer service interactions. All of which would be major attributes to me, as I pursued my new dream of building a window cleaning company. I knew that I would be a valuable resource to many homeowners, and commercial businesses, because of my abilities and tenacity, based on my work ethic, friendly attitude, commitment to customer satisfaction, and passion for excellence in the work that I perform.

So because of that, along with my unique past endevours, and all the experience I have in this business up until now, I can confidently say I am able to provide a process driven, high level of service in the window cleaning industry, that in essence I feel is second to none. And that I know has been accepted by most everyone I have had the honor to deal with, as being exceptional, in their opinion. And you too, as a new prospective customer, can experience this attention to detail too.In building a company, my personal beliefs help lay a foundation of ethics and loyalty. In making connections with people based on fairness, honesty, and common goals. And then in turn, performing the job at hand beyond expectations, proving that actions speak louder than words.In addition, I have been blessed to work with some very competent people in this industry, that together as a team make us very well reliably equipped to handle most any level of job complexity that comes our way.

Fellow window cleaners with between 10 to 25 years worth of experience each in the window cleaning business, that are here at Premier Window Cleaning to assist on any particular job, where two or more professionals are needed.So whether it's residential window cleaning on a large house with storm windows, or a commercial window cleaning job which requires a boom lift, or bunsom chairs, for scaling a larger building, we are here to become your go to company. And as you look through this website, you will see that we offer other services as well, such as; pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window tinting, and window screen repair. As well as several others. Each of which there is a solution that could very well be the right one for you here at Premier Window Cleaning.

With that being said, I am excited at the prospect of hearing from you, and then hopefully having the opportunity to assist in your needs with any one of the services we offer. So if you have any questions, or wish to express any concerns, please feel free to call. The door is always open. And certainly, for a free at home estimate, to find out how competetive we are, all the while delivering superior service, don't hesitate to call.

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  City Dallas, TX
  Zip Code 75240
  Address 13777 Noel Rd
  Phone Number (214) 277-1670