If you're in need of domestic or commercial steam cleaning, our dedicated and professional team will guarantee you the highest service within the industry. We have been giving our clients truck-mounted steam cleaning with expert stain removal. Premier Steam Cleaning. has been servicing Indianapolis and the surrounding countryside very proudly.

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Premier Steam Cleaning is proud to offer services to commercial and residential customers in the greater Indianapolis area. We specialize in putting you at ease with any floors, carpet, rugs and upholstery cleaning needs as well as stain removal, water damage restoration, air vent cleaning and car detailing. Premier's #1 priority is making sure every job is done correctly and professionally throughout each step of the process. Premier has been in business since 2005 and uses the most effective industry cleaning products and techniques.

Premier will clean the carpet depending on the customer's needs. 1. Pre-spray with a solution that treats stains to get the residue out of carpet with special attention to high traffic areas. 2. Depending on the carpet, a scrubber machine is used to renew the carpet by bringing the pile up and further breaking down the residue with chemicals. Premier can clean VCT floors by stripping then waxing to reglaze the floors. The last step is to buff them. Premier can also maintain the floors. It is recommended to steam clean these type of floors every 6 months.

Rugs are treated with a 2-step cleaning process. 1. Pre-spray with a solution that treats stains and gets the residue out of rugs. 2. Then the steam cleaner is used to extract residue with high heat to dry the rugs, rinsing the fibers and solution. A one week turnaround time can be expected. Premier offers Pickup and Delivery as rugs are always cleaned off-site due to potential harm of the floors with the cleaning solution.

Premier offers expertise to keep your tile looking newly cleaned. Hot water of up to 240 degrees and 2500 PSI is used for thorough saturation and extraction. It is recommended to clean tile and grout once a year. A quote is estimated based on the tile square footage.

Have you ever gotten those stains on your carpet near furniture or baseboards that look like black marks and cannot figure out how to clean them? These stains are difficult but not impossible to remove. Premier uses a procedure to restore the natural coloring back to your carpet. Premier prides itself as a carpet stain removal company - specializing in removing or fixing difficult stains - you name it, we have seen it, such as ink, furniture stains, kool aid, permanent marker, wine. For bleach stains, we do spot dying to correct the color loss.

Sometimes you just need to hire the professionals for a deep clean and/or removal of pet odor. We will provide an estimate based on a detailed assessment of the area that needs to be cleaned. For the assessment, we cover the windows to make the room dark and check for stains with a black light to identify the damaged areas. 2. After 20-30 minutes of allowing the solution to activate and neutralize the urine, we will then extract the solution out of the carpet with a special tool. 3. The steam cleaner is then used to extract residue with high heat to dry the carpet, rinsing the fibers and solution.

For pet owners, we will vacuum the piece first to remove the hair from the furniture prior to cleaning.