We're an expert Fully Insured Company that specializes in quality domestic, industrial and commercial carpet cleaning in Chicago. We service all of the Chicago area for your cleaning requirements and take pride in our top notch cleaning services. We have been in the cleaning business long enough to understand our customer's requirements.

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  City Chicago, IL
  Zip Code 60641
  Address 4140 West Wellington Avenue
  Phone Number (877) 784-7768

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Our company understands life is 24/7, so why shouldn't your carpet cleaning company be? Now you can relax and leave all your cleaning needs to us. Premier Carpet Service uses - truckmounted, the most powerful and modern cleaning equipment and we will leave your carpet dry enough to walk on and spotlessly clean. Our cleaning products are non-toxic & safe for your home, your family, your pets and the environment. We at Premier Carpet Cleaning Service believe that the service we provide must be the best you can get.

We offer a FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY service for the cleaning of rugs in the Chicago metro area. How clean are your rugs? Do they look stained and matted? Do you hoover them once a fortnight at most and think that's enough? Far too often, the answer is yes. Rugs are very different from carpets, they are often made with wool, silk etc. and they are an essential part of any room decor. Area rugs add warmth, style and value to the house. Quite often, rugs are precious pieces of art, a great investment, and as with any investment, they are no different in needing good care.