ECO friendly is no longer alternative,?Eco living is now widely regarded as the only way to live if you value your health, the health of those around you and the sustainability of the environment. Phoenix Cleaning Systems only use new-generation surfactants which are more sustainable - they are produced from renewable resources and they biodegrade readily without toxic effects or by-products.

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  City Ewa Beach, HI
  Zip Code 96706
  Address 91-1305 Puamaeole Street
  Phone Number (808) 674-9900

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We are Brook and Yuriko King and run Phoenix Cleaning Systems. We operate some of the most up to date and advanced cleaning systems in the world giving superior quality cleaning with reduced drying times. We are continually updating our qualifications as new types of carpet and fabric become available and are very much involved in keeping up to date as new technology presents it self.

Phoenix Cleaning Systems covers residential and commercial with carpet and upholstery cleaning and air allergen control services which include air duct cleaning. We also carry out complex stain and odor removal.

Phoenix Cleaning Systems has the experience and know how to solve most any carpet cleaning problem. We are frequently called upon to remedy many unusual problems and we can handle specialty situations. Phoenix Cleaning Systems is the carpet cleaner of choice of many Real Estate Companies, Property Managers, Commercial Business and home owners. We would be happy to share our references upon request. WHICH SYSTEM DO THEY USE? Phoenix Cleaning Systems uses the most advanced systems on the market today.

When we remember we like to collect short comments good or bad about or services from our clients. This helps us fine tune what we do. We are extremely satisfied with the service provided by Phoenix Carpet Cleaning. The service is prompt, courteous and professional. We have had all the carpets in our house cleaned as well as some upholstery and the quality of cleaning is excellent - far better than other cleaning companies we have used in the past. We would strongly recommend Phoenix Cleaning System to other customers.

Treat stains before they happen. Phoenix Cleaning Systems proudly recommends treating your carpet with Teflon Advanced. Teflon Advanced carpet protector is the newest technology introduced by DuPont to help keep your carpet looking cleaner, brighter, fresher and newer longer!