PDM is one of the oldest, most experienced plumbing, heat & ac mechanical contractors for your home, business, industry. Showed up on time, pleasant gentleman, nice attitude, nice equipment.Thanks for the quick service. After serving 100's of 1000's of people like you over the past 124 years PDM has learned what it takes to be a nice partner.

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  City Joliet, IL
  Zip Code 60435
  Phone Number (815) 726-6264

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The technician took the time to explain the job and all requirements to meet code, his work was excellent, everything was assembled neatly and the job site was left clean. He also completed the job in a timely manner. Our NEAT team of experienced plumbing, heating and cooling repair and service professionals offer you a thorough evaluation of your comfort system. You'll learn what needs maintaining, what needs fixing and what can wait. Plus receive service options to protect your comfort, health and wallet today and tomorrow.

PDM has moved the needle, done the heavy lifting and hit the mark for honest plumbing, heating, cooling repairs, maintenance or replacements. Think of PDM as a top-notch translator that bridges the gap between your lifestyle and your comfort. PDM helps calm feelings of repair or replacement anxiety and uncertainty. We break it down to actionable steps and involve you in what your options are for the best results. Our 136 years of success has less to do with our products or services or prices and more to do with how we treat people; clients, team members, community!

Often, I make it a priority to stop by the site of the work and interact with the technician. Without exception we have been well satisfied with our relationship with PDM. They respond to our calls in a timely manner, their cost estimates are competitive and on target and the quality of their work is excellent. As a school, one of the factors that is important to us is the caliber of technicians the contractors dispatch to our site to perform the work. We have never had a problem with PDM technicians.