A cleaning firm using nontoxic, natural and organic cleaning products. Now serving Colorado in the Vail Valley, Summit County and Aspen and many places in between. It's time for a SPRING CLEAN Let Organic Housekeepers freshen your home for summer with a deep clean. NEWS: NBC interviewed Organic Housekeepers about spring cleaning on its HDTV show Open House NYC.

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  City Vail, CO
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  Phone Number (970) 376-8941

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Born in the mountains of Vail, Colorado, Organic Housekeepers is a cleaning company that uses nontoxic, natural and organic cleaning products. You won't find harmful chemicals like bleach and ammonia in our cleaning caddies. Fall is the perfect time to deep clean your home in preparation for all those winter guests. The snow is coming, the holidays are coming, and so are your friends, family and vacationers! Go even deeper with a rate of $1.00 per pound to launder linens (no dry cleaning) and save 25 percent on window washing.

Organic Housekeepers' mission is to provide communities with quality cleaning in a sustainable way. By choosing to clean with strictly organic, natural and nontoxic products, Organic Housekeepers promotes the idea that positive change in the world begins in the home with making educated and informed choices.

Poor indoor air quality is probably the biggest eco-hurdle an office or commercial building faces in its day-to-day operations. The Environmental Protection Agency ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health. In fact, the air inside is two to five times more polluted than the air outside, according to the EPA. No wonder why we all want to ski instead of work. Green is hot. People are voting with their dollar and choosing companies that practice good environmental policies over others who do business as usual.

Organic Housekeepers offers a variety of green cleaning services. We specialize in customized service, and we'll work closely with you to develop a cleaning checklist to ensure we meet all of your expectations. If you still have more questions about what we do, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link - or download "What We Do" for a simple list of our services.

Organic Housekeepers specializes in cleaning second homes and vacation rentals. Whether you are a local, own a second home or have a vacation rental that needs daily service, Organic Housekeepers promises satisfaction. Our expertise is cleaning luxury residences. You can expect high standards and consistency every time Organic Housekeepers cleans your home. We customize checklists to meet all of your cleaning needs, but to give you a general idea of what we do, here is.

During deep cleans, Organic Housekeepers attacks hidden dirt and grime, like behind appliances, in cabinets, in light fixtures and under mattresses - grime that we don't typically destroy during regular maintenance cleans. During a deep clean, we'll scrub your oven and stove, defrost and clean the freezer, flip and clean under mattresses, clean out bathroom exhaust fans, detail glassware and appliances and perform a deep dusting. Giving your home an extensive scrub and shine will help to maintain its sparkling stature.

VAIL, Colo.-It's the story that most business schools wish they could teach: find your niche, work like crazy, employee others in meaningful, productive ways and watch the bottom line grow. VAIL, Colorado - The Vail Valley Partnership has announced Organic Housekeepers as one of three finalists for Business of the Year. Winners will be announced Friday, Feb. 10, during the Partnership's annual Success Awards. Wish us luck! VAIL, Colorado - Tim Szurgot, aka Captain Vacuum, shows TV8's Tricia Swenson how to clean an oven the good ol' fashion way - without chemicals.