Do your drapes need cleaning?.Or your fabric verticles?.Or your pleated shades? Have you been told that your window coverings can't be cleaned? Are you afraid to take your draperies to the cleaners, sign a waiver and probably end up with shrunken or damaged drapes? With the On-Site process we're able to dry clean your window treatments right in place and have your rooms back in use the same day.

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  City Chattanooga, TN
  Zip Code 37421
  Phone Number (423) 902-1856

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Based in Chattanooga Tennessee the ownership of On-Site Drapery Cleaning LLC has over 25 years experiance in the textile dyeing and finishing industry, as well as owning Two local dry cleaners for 13 years. Our professional, high-quality service has allowed us to become the drapery and upholstery cleaners of choice for many local residents and business owners. When you need quality drapery and upholstery cleaning services for your home or business, think of On-Site first. We offer a wide selection of cleaning and damage prevention services, and offer free On- Site estimates for all your cleaning needs.

Aside of the obvious drapery, upholstery and rug cleaning, we also clean that common fabric partition known as the office "Cubicle". Most of these partitions have never been cleaned. Do not let your office suffer from "sick building syndrome" Create a cleaner and healthier environment for your employees. Cleaning these at least twice a year should cut down absenteeism. In five years we have established a niche for deep cleaning hotel furnishings. We clean drapes, sheers, and upholstery for $12-24 per room and we complete the job within a week.