Nichols Hills Cleaners has been owned and run by the Guthery family since 1969. What's your dry cleaner been doing for the last 30 years?

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  City Oklahoma City, OK
  Zip Code 73116
  Address 2837 West Wilshire Blvd
  Phone Number (405) 843-4890

From Our Website

We pride ourselves in providing the very best in cleaning and stain removal, and when you bring your problem garments to us, we will do our very best to make them look like new. Many times we are successful at removing problem stains, but in some cases, even the best won't get it. Sometimes we receive garments after the customer has already tried to remove the stain themselves. Unfortunately, that can cause the problem to be worsened or the stain to be set. Please, in order to help us to restore your favorite garment or linen after a spill, carefully blot the spill, then simply hang the article and bring it to your nearest Nichols Hills Cleaners location as soon as possible.