We specialize in clean outs, deep, estate and biweekly cleaning.

For deep cleaning, we always give you an excellent cleaning. For most deep cleanings, things like cleaning a collection of glass tchotchkes or organizing and cleaning a bookshelf with tons of things will be left for biweekly cleaning. This method reduces the deep cleaning cost by around 40 or 50 percent.

For biweekly cleaning, we rotate in these very little and very time consuming projects. Once all of your projects are done, we rotate in the usual deep cleaning projects. So every time we clean your home, we always rotate in a couple of extra projects. The end result is a pristine, fresh home all the time.

For estate cleaning, we give you a pristine, showroom ready cleaning right away. We serve realtors on a repeating basis.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • We do windows along with the rest of your house cleaning

Serviced Areas

  • San Diego, La Mesa, Del Mar

Payment Options

  • Personal checks are accepted starting the second cleaning

Contact Details

  Person Tom
  City San Diego, CA
  Zip Code 92103
  Phone Number (619) 468-2707

Business Representative



As a kid, I cleaned churches with my dad and grandmother. As an adolescent I cleaned office buildings and churches. For years now I have only cleaned homes.

My coworkers call me "best in chemicals" as I am the go to person to find out which product cleans the best for the most unusual projects. For whatever projects your home has, we are ready. This includes projects that require pH neutral cleaners to keep your hardwood or granite surfaces looking brand new for a long time. And when possible we use cleaners like apple cider vinegar and Simple Green.

Products & Services

The Real Deal House Cleaning

Do you want your home sparkling clean? With our 21 years of cleaning experience, we know where to find the dirt and how to clean it. We clean windows, screens, most types of blinds, ceiling fans & fixtures, floorboards, threshold crevices, hardwood and other floors, cabinets, oven, stove, refrigerator, stainless steel, granite, smudges on doors, sealed grout, bathrooms, laundry, mineral deposits, rust & water stains, polish furniture and much more.

For a great cleaning that you can feel, call MrCleanSD today at 619-366-0886.


  • I would recommend this business

The team at MrCleanSD have been cleaning our home for 3-4 years. We live in a craftsmen home almost a century old and requires special care throughout so alot of hard, indiscriminate scrubbing is not going to work. Stainless steel, wood floors and built-ins, railings, trim, detailed painted walls and trim are all cleaned and polished with heart and soul. MrCleanSD always shows up on time, are quick to address anything new that needs to be done (we just adopted a new dog!) and are polite, sweet and caring. The team also works hard, brings their own supplies and are very fairly priced. Who could ask for anything more. Highly recommended!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

Tom and his crew (MrCleanSd) are exceptional. They do excellent work at a good price. I have found they are always on time, friendly, honest, thorough and willing to do tasks not ordinarily part of their routine. I have no reservation in recommending their services.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

The house was clean, though it was a little pricey. I would definitely recommend them as reputable and quality work.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingGood

Customer Testimonials

Living on the beach, I have a real problem with salt build up from the air. My windows actually collect salt right on the glass. MrCleanSD's crew always knows how to eliminate the salt and cut the soot to provide streakless windows. Thank you, MrCleanSD.

I thought my stainless steel sink was ruined, but MrCleanSD knew exactly what to do to return a bright, uniform color & shine. I also appreciate the ability to make my lunch plans knowing that they will always be done in time.

Tom and his team have been cleaning my place for over a year and do a fantastic job! They are punctual, work with me if there is a schedule issue, and have a great system of balancing the “every time” cleaning jobs with the spaced out “deep clean” type jobs. There have been a few times I’ve thought, “I haven’t cleaned that in a while” but when I go to do it, more often than not I discover they did it and I hadn’t noticed. Not noticing things being dusty or dirty is awesome! Thanks to Tom, Ray & crew!

Tom and his crew have been cleaning my house now for almost 2 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else! We have two cats that his team are great with and always carefully move the cats into whichever room isn’t being cleaned at the moment. The cats leave quite a mess, but they always do a fantastic job at getting rid of the fur which is everywhere. Before settling with Mr Clean SD we tried several other services, only to have them miss pretty obvious messes. Mr. Clean SD never misses a spot. They are also always easy to get a hold of, if I reach out via text I always get a response within the hour. They’ve also been very accommodating at working with my schedule which sometimes causes me to cancel or request a cleaning at the last minute. Over the two years, one item was broken but I immediately got a text from Tom explaining what had happened and offering to pay for it (I declined because it wasn’t anything important). They also send updates if anything seems “strange” at my house - e.g. the smart lock is running out of batteries or a door that is normally locked is unlocked.

Tom and his crew are simply amazing! I've utilized their services a number of times and they are very maticulous...detailed and professional. Your home will be spotless after they clean it. And their rates are unbelievable too.

From Our Website

We are eight house cleaners, three of which have previously owned our own cleaning businesses. Together we bring our skills and cleaning secrets to our entire team. Whether it's vacuuming with our allergy rated vacuum cleaner, using products that care for the long-term quality of your counters & floors, cleaning your windows without streaks, or brightening your sinks and shower stall grout, our skill in detailed cleaning will not only clean your home, but it will make many things look or stay looking brand new.

Why spend your important downtime cleaning? Let the professionals at MrCleanSD do that for you. We understand that homeowners are busier than ever and the last thing they want to do on a well-earned day off is clean their home. Our experienced San Diego house cleaners are here to help. Our story is a humble one. We are a group of experienced home cleaning professionals who have come together with a unified vision - to offer a clean, safe and healthy environment for each of our clients. Together, we have formed a unique friendship and business that now allows us to bring that vision to you.

Over time, there are areas of a home that accumulate layers of dirt. Many times, even regular cleaning just can't take care of these overlooked areas. That is when having a professional deep cleaning is needed. Deep cleaning is different from regular house cleaning because it reaches the deep dirt and grime that can build up in a home over time. At MrCleanSD, we offer deep cleaning services that go above and beyond our usual house cleaning services. For families who are selling their homes, for landlords who are leasing a previously occupied unit or just for a home that needs a good thorough spring cleaning, we offer deep cleaning services in San Diego that fit your needs, schedule and budget.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services in San Diego and the surrounding areas, look no further than MrCleanSD. We are locally owned and operated and not a franchise. Each one of our staff comes to you professionally trained, background checked and ready to make your home look fresh and clean. We also come with the added benefit of an industry certification to ensure that your home is not only clean, but it is safe. Our membership and certification with ARCSI and IICRC let you have the peace of mind that only industry best practices and sustainable, safe products are used in the cleaning of your home.

Having a clean and healthy home is important for most people today, yet we have less time to devote to that. Life is short. Why spend that time cleaning your home? At MrCleanSD, we know that active families have little time for things like house cleaning. That is why our professional and courteous cleaning staff takes the time to clean your home and takes it to the next level. Our attention to details and our pride of workmanship offer you a clean that is above and beyond what you may expect. We strive to give your home a brand-new look whenever possible.

Even if your home is kept meticulously clean, chances are that your windows have been forgotten. Busy homeowners often think of their windows only when they notice large, unsightly smudges or, worse yet, find they can no longer see clearly out of them. But there is nothing that can transform your living space as much as clean windows. This is when hiring a professional can help. At MrCleanSD, our professional San Diego window cleaning staff takes clean windows seriously. We offer specialty cleaning services like window washing particularly for busy families like yours.