Let's face it- no one wants Charles Manson showing up at their doorstep! Pictures and video to come soon! Brad and Dana were married in 1999. They have three girls- Kiara, Raelynn and Ella. Brad used to have hobbies, but those left when the baby carrier came home for the 1st time. Now he devotes his time to the important things in life, like raising the children and keeping a stable environment at home.

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  City Cedar Falls, IA
  Zip Code 50613
  Address 3715 Carlton Drive
  Phone Number (319) 291-8665

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Dana is currently doing the books for the company and handles other marketing responsibilities. She is currently pursuing her dream as a coach in her start up business, Elevations For Success. You can see more about that here at www. Right now, the girls- Kiara, Raelynn and Ella are consumed with school and other activities. Kiara is a recent high school graduate and is pursuing her dream as an entrepreneur and is launching a new business in the fall of 2018. Raelynn and Ella are consumed with school and love running track.

Wet, slippery floors are the #1 hazard when dealing with a water loss. If you're going to be in among the wet areas, make sure you are wearing shoes with a slip-resistant sole. And also make sure to pay special attention to tripping hazards. One of the other major accidents that could happen comes when you mix water and electricity. Electrocution can potentially be an issue if water has gotten into power strips, extension cords, OR, in deeper water situations, electrical outlets. NEVER walk into standing water without first knowing if power is shut off to the areas affected.