Who works harder than the owner of the business to make sure the work is done right and the client is completely satisfied? No one, right?

And that is the Monterey Cleaning difference! I do all my own work so I have total control over quality of the work and customer satisfaction. It's that simple! No excuses! No foul ups!

Monterey Cleaning believes that you build a successful business one completely satisfied customer at a time. Each and every cleaning and power washing client is important and Monterey Cleaning tries to demonstrate that in the kind of work we do and the way you, the client, is treated.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Window Cleaning, Awning Cleaning, Power Washing, Raing Gutter Cleaning, Skylight Cleaning

Serviced Areas

  • Monterey County Only

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, PayPal, Personal Checks, Cash

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  Person Ross Mack
  City Monterey, CA
  Zip Code 93942
  Address P.O. Box 1149
  Phone Number (831) 869-2804
  Mobile (831) 869-2804

Business Representative

Ross Mack


Products & Services

Power Washing

Power washing is the most simple and most affordably rated way to increase the value of your home while protecting it from destructive mold and mildew. Having your home, driveway, roof, masonry, walkways, decks and pavers power washed increases the value of your home and helps protect your largest investment.

Our house washing and power washing service can make your house look like it just had a new coat of paint at a fraction of the cost and with none of the hassle. We use biodegradable detergents in order to protect you, your children, your pets and your landscaping, while producing superior results.

We can clean just about everything. driveways, walk-ways, side walks, wooden decks and railings, masonry patios and walls, brick patios and walls, rock walls and fountains, statuary, BBQ's, patio furniture, gazebos, overhangs, gable ends, roofing surfaces. just about anything around your home or business that can get wet, we can clean and you'll be amazed at the change. The difference really can be very dramatic.

We offer affordable power washing services all over the Monterey Peninsula for both residential and commercial clients. We have the equipment to handle just about any project, large or small. If you need power washing in Monterey, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach, or anywhere on the Monterey Peninsula, call us. We do it right.

Affordable Window Cleaning

When we claim to have affordable window cleaning, we mean we will work with you in order to find a way you can afford to have your windows cleaned. Merriam Webster defines affordable as: 1: to be able to bear the cost of. We all know that, but there's another definition. 2: to make available.

A lady from Carmel saw a review on Yelp. com and called for a free estimate. When I got there the lady explained they had just finished remodelling and were in a huge bind to get the window cleaned before their guests arrived on Friday for their wedding on Saturday and this was Tuesday.

While some might see this as an chance to buck up, I quoted them a fair price and my price, while fair, was a lot of money because there was a lot of windows. A common feature of Carmel homes is to have lots of large openings for light, but they're all filled with little 12'' panes. (pains?) When they saw my number they said that with all the wedding expenses, they just couldn't afford it.

Knowing the local market, I knew they weren't going to be able to find someone else on such short notice at any price. After we visited for a bit, I decided that I really liked these people and I ended up adjusting my price so they could have clean windows for their wedding. Am I a moron? Maybe. But if you're going to give, and we all should, this seemed like a good time.

Does this mean that Monterey Window Cleaning will work for free? Of course not. Good will is a fabulous asset to a business but good will alone won't pay the bills. What it does mean is that Monterey Window Cleaning is working to make window cleaning affordable.