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Teriffic 5 Star Review by Sarah S. WE LOVE SHARING GOOD NEWS When someone says something great about Method Carpet & Tile Cleaning and experiences our 5 star service we just have to share it. Thank You for visiting our company, feel free to examine our website and see how we can help. We understand you want to keep your home looking, feeling beautiful and protect one of your biggest investments. Your tile and grout surfaces can be restored with the most advanced process available for ceramic, porcelain and stone tile.

Method carpet & tile cleaning uses a 5 step process to revitalize your tile/grout surfaces. This process not only restores your floors to their original beauty, it also guards your grout from staining and discoloring. The beauty of our Carpet Cleaning Gold Shield Guarantee is its simplicity, yet it still provides all the protection your family deserves.

While other ways of cleaning carpets also have their advantages, steam cleaning is known as the surest method for getting your carpet clean. Its many positive aspects make it the preferred choice of most carpet manufacturers. This is also why it is such a popular option. For one thing, steam cleaning provides the deepest clean of any of the available approaches. Many businesses have their carpets cleaned throughout the course of the year; however, some may have them cleaned less than others, as they have realized the benefits of adding carpet protector.

Is technical training important to you when hiring a tile and grout cleaning contractor? Amherst NY We put high value on training our technicians to provide the best service possible and solve even the most difficult problems. The training and education we provide our staff gives the cleaning professional an edge as hard flooring materials. Why is Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning so difficult? Amherst NY Most homeowners recognize cleaning ceramic tile and especially grout can be very difficult. The tile itself can have crevices that soil gets stuck in and needs to scrubbed out which usually means hand scrubbing.

After installing a new floor lots of drywall dust, mud, dirt can become caked on. One of the first things the owners will notice walking in after construction or remodeling project is the condition of the floors. Safety is a priority for our customers and employees, while in your facility we follow a detailed safety program. This prevents slip/falls occurring during service. Many building owners have recognized that adding grout sealer can be beneficial. Protector adds a barrier between soil and the grout, which keeps the dirt trapped on the surface.

In most homes we treat our pets as one of the family. We watch tv with them, take a nap and play on the carpet. Oils from pet hair can sometimes rub off on carpeting and leave a stain. Pet hair can accumulate along edges and in corners. We all want our homes to be clean and healthy, a periodic detailed vacuuming especially in corners can make a big difference. Even if our pet companions are perfect saints who never have accidents while indoors, they still leave a lot in our carpet. Is Green Cleaning important to your Pets?

We have learned that a fresh smelling home is a happy one, people often associate clean with their sense of smell. Pleasant scents can alter our mood and put us in a happy state when it taps into a fond memory. Some homeowners are allergic or sensitive to fragrances, we can eliminate odors with perfume free or "Green" detergents. Many homeowners have recognized that adding carpet protector can be beneficial. Protector adds a barrier between soil and the carpet fibers, which keeps the dirt trapped on the surface.

When you bring in a new piece of furniture into a home the beauty can brighten up the whole room. Over time this beauty can fade from common wear and tear. Drink spills, pet hair and crumbs are all typical challenges to keeping your upholstery looking new. It is not always possible to prevent spills, but when they do occur it is essential to quickly clean them up to avoid staining, although most fabrics have been pre-treated to repel stains to some extent. A spill should be first blotted with white towels, and if this is not sufficient, some mild fabric-safe cleaner can be gently blotted on the area.